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She better not be afraid of roadrash...

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The shoe kills me every time I see this

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“Just do it”

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Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

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Looks like Alan beat the hangover and made it to the 10k! Nailed it.

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85 points

Curling... The one Olympic sport you can look like a normal human being and still win.

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79 points

young football player

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71 points

Marathon Disaster

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100 points


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Family Photo

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Oh hell no

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Oops, it was bigger than expected.

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Hol up

Preview ae01c442 92e1 48bc bbc7 738d0c3de6b6
83 points

Wenger out.

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Tried to take a nice summer pic with the lads... Got a football to the head instead!

Preview 1f165c44 457e 4191 80ec 657f1ddd8617

A friend of mine pulling a fake meteorite in my towns parade. The mullet is legit

Preview 53e37687 e963 427e 82fd 2e354cc85e29
84 points

Jumping off the edge

Preview f807a7e1 2f32 4fdc 87fc b1e3cb78e182

Experience tranquility

Preview b6ec0879 518a 451f ba76 e2807e63df57
77 points

Fight me demons!!!

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35 points

True ..

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