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Love how the shoes blend in with the carpet

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109 points

$630 million worldwide in 3 days, and Infinity War has yet to open in China

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150 points

Selena Gomez Messaged MY Friend PRANK😂😂😂😂😂

147 points

Now I know what to wear for Halloween

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112 points

That’s a weird pet

Preview d82d02a2 24b4 41fa 9340 693f31f06fc9
73 points

I don't watch many westerns, but this movie series got pretty dark

Preview 9112831c aa12 4446 b822 2a4b4e6503db
89 points

Hell nah

Preview 7f250613 663e 426b 88f5 50057764b574

Meth. Not Even Once.

Preview 9d5a62c5 75d7 4596 a6fc 489808182718
170 points

Seriously though.

Preview 92d90c31 e80b 47db a270 bcdf63107768
112 points

Kylo killer Han twice!!!

Preview a6a049b4 67e7 4517 a048 c3ecef9ae46f
131 points

The face says it all...

Preview 63881439 84cb 4b44 8d18 c60d444862a6
127 points


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99 points

Remember Hurley? This is him now, feel old yet?

Preview b726ec7d 172e 4256 ab28 6c268505ff7c
149 points

Testupload pls ingnore

Preview d4bd73be 8227 49e0 bdfa 1ab718aac756
90 points

And he is absolutely right..

Preview f3e1c145 fc3c 4dc8 ab17 31ac79e7fe9c
111 points

Jackie Chan photobombs

Preview 54dac922 abfa 4840 a4cb 424c6c470b2d
119 points

Damn it

Preview 68ba8ffa f9f3 40b7 b9f5 a14736444914
166 points


Preview 864053f5 7b1c 4494 9329 026c86606a7c

Billy Ray Cyrus looks like Mac on It's Always Sunny now

Preview d3c1f1df 5490 42bf 9d5a dbb85104730b
67 points

Ice shoes

Preview b5ea913d 75bb 4e03 a3c7 db15e195d809
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