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Kylo killer Han twice!!!

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75 points

The face says it all...

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22 points

Remember Hurley? This is him now, feel old yet?

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18 points

Testupload pls ingnore

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21 points

And he is absolutely right..

Preview f3e1c145 fc3c 4dc8 ab17 31ac79e7fe9c
24 points

Jackie Chan photobombs

Preview 54dac922 abfa 4840 a4cb 424c6c470b2d
20 points

Damn it

Preview 68ba8ffa f9f3 40b7 b9f5 a14736444914
86 points


Preview 864053f5 7b1c 4494 9329 026c86606a7c

Billy Ray Cyrus looks like Mac on It's Always Sunny now

Preview d3c1f1df 5490 42bf 9d5a dbb85104730b
2 points

Ice shoes

Preview b5ea913d 75bb 4e03 a3c7 db15e195d809
102 points

This pupper that thinks everyone's there to see him

Preview b2fa145d 929e 412d ae36 baa4fe1b959e
22 points


Preview 80478068 ad7d 4f98 82d8 aa5c63da84fe
91 points

OH, I Member.

Preview a6ecac1b c10d 4ed5 a78a 6ba340ce1651
23 points

My life right now

Preview 5e0427d1 9dc6 4d16 831b af337fd6b24c
20 points

When you put your underwear on your neck and call it "fashion"

Preview 871703dc eb0f 40d4 b2a6 9b6b6d259a07
146 points

I am a good parent!

Preview 1c4293d8 f6d5 4a69 8e58 e02e528d03bc
17 points

Best transformation I have ever seen.

Preview 606c2019 bf51 4dd5 be01 e1138c3f7ebe

Jennifer Lawrence Invites You To Go Wine Tasting With Her!


Women, the greatest mystery of humanity

Preview d97ec452 62ab 4256 98b6 e9f121506c3d
6 points

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