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I don't think someone is getting off the train...

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Been putting in silly special requests when booking hotel room for a few years now. King and Prince, on Saint Simons Island, is the first hotel to actually fulfill my request. Priceless.

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67 points

Florida kids learn "policing"

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Star Trek: Kes back in local paper today.

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78 points

Zero Fokkers given

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60 points

100% reliable test for HTML5

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55 points

Police Brutality in my Hometown

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18 points

Be careful when inviting war hero's to give a talk at your school!

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Tom knows best

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Isaac W. Sprague, aka the Skeleton Man

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21 points

This is hilarious

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Glad they pointed that out

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24 points

Ideas has no rights.

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38 points

Negan VS Lori

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24 points

Faith in humanity restored

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62 points

I guess they aren't a fan

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48 points

Hiding in the Bushes

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You may think the name of your business is great, but it's not as great as this one

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I lost IQ points reading this note written by my coworker.

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