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This guy

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Joey is saying what we all wish we could

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16 points

This is too common. Should be a death penalty for false allegations

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14 points

I've told it before to quit.

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12 points

Did you know?

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11 points

Holy Cow

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69 points

My bartender added 1 cent to my bill in order to make the total $69.69

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90 points

Restaurant is trying to rip some people off

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89 points

Oskar Schindler being greeted by 300 holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

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10 points

Turkish President Erdogan delivers a speech

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Signed Bible in my hotel room from the one and only..

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115 points

Long distance gaming

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11 points

Nikola Tesla. #Historypic3

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14 points

Bleep bloop gleep glop

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13 points

Married in 1947, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary this year.

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15 points

Richard Nixon, shortly after John McCain was released, 1973.

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10 points

Burn him to the ground

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82 points

Hotel Room Survey

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151 points

I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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