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That happened

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Ok.... Seems legit

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22 points

College football fans make the best signs.

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21 points

What are cool laws in your country?

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19 points

Guess this town takes pedestrian safety very seriously

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77 points

Damn normies

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24 points

Just Greek things

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We brought some VR systems to an assisted living facility so the elderly can relive old memories through gaming

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14 points

That was fast.

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15 points

That awkward moment when...

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22 points

Parking enforcement has not a single fuck to spare

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23 points

Yet shoes are important

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23 points

You have to see this

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90 points

Gas mask for children designed by Walt Disney

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18 points

Yesterday a woman came through our stand upset, we hooked her up with her drink on us. Today, we received this.

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21 points

We all

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23 points

Still waiting

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14 points

The little shit upcharge.

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19 points

Audience lady has a crush on Conan

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21 points

The last photo of Hachikō, the dog who waited for his master's return each day for 9 years until he too passed away.

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