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Long distance gaming

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Nikola Tesla. #Historypic3

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Bleep bloop gleep glop

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Married in 1947, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th Wedding Anniversary this year.

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Richard Nixon, shortly after John McCain was released, 1973.

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Burn him to the ground

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Hotel Room Survey

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I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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Thats what she said

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Long distance gaming

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April summed up so far

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More like:Eastern Europe

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Poor Placement

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When you just spent 2290$ on McDonald's burgers..

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This ad in bahrein says : "For Ramadhan play and win an ethiopian maid". (maid = slave). I hope this will make it to hot so people know.

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Now you dont!

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Stay classy, Kentucky

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Turkey right now

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