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The statue of liberty

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Texas Pride

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Well played, Banksy

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The term "Siamese Twins" comes from Chang and Eng Bunker. They both married separate women, Chang had 11 children. Eng had 10.

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18 points

Never forgetti

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Potato for 2nd place

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13 points

We are stuck with this moron due to the left,who calles everyone right.

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I see your interesting birthday candle and raise you the instructions to that birthday candle.

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🍕🍕 Pizza 🍕🍕

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Screw Terminator 2, THIS is the scene where real men cried!

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Damn N*gga! Respect

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14 points

Seriously, you really have to be retarded to join the ISIS death cult, even more so if you are a woman

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Awesome Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on captured ISIS hilltop - paying homage to Barcelona attack victims

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With the recent cultural developments taking place I think I may have to start carrying my card again...

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I'm blind and my girlfriend gave me this bookmark a week ago. She only just now told me what it says...

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22 points

9GAG World News - Gagging 9Gaggers with news for 1 year now, yep I've been doing this for a year - 26/07/2017

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"Please could you speak to your children-"

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19 points

Avon Catalog 1965. W. T. F.

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Princess Diana meets Mr Bean

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15 points

15 Ways People Greet Each Other From Countries Around the World

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