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4th grade yearbook pic.

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66 points

Gender equality

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70 points

"Fofão", Brazilian kids show character from the 80s

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95 points

That 70s Show had some great lines.

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73 points

Love is bigger than any tidal wave, or fear.

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20 Popular Coffee Drinks Around The World

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79 points

LESBIANS?? I would LOVE to have one of these!

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99 points

His face

Preview 8e023d4f 9570 4db1 8723 af1839122c57
94 points

Time will stop when you occur the love.

Preview ddc4dfd9 69f7 4e1c 997f 70bdbe9fe5db

British family

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73 points

Alaina Fox

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105 points


Preview 5d9b3bf9 ccb1 4bdd b47e dfc20b0ed711
109 points

When your mom is f*****g a printer

Preview 49dd951d 44a3 47dd a09a 046d11f024b2
93 points

Which one would you choose?

Preview 761e9213 4e9f 485c 9c04 bf7de8912237

That twist though

Preview b6f6b19d 7011 4117 a4b0 4dc55d4870be
33 points

Makes me laugh every time I see it

Preview b8c3021e e598 496e bf4b f7b95e19e3e1
12 points

No problem

Preview 8be1ef5e b7d0 4183 acb9 3cb40294e8fe
82 points

James Fridman who amused the internet by taking Twitter users' Photoshop requests VERY literally releases another batch of hilariously

Preview 5e1e3e9d f5ff 4020 9984 3764280c3d0a
96 points

There you go

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