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This is doggo

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"am I pretty ?"

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16 points

If you can read this thank a teacher

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Todays his 10th birthday, look how impressed he is with his gifts ...

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The look of innocence

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Oh ohhh!

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Can I eat him ??

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My youngest spitting up with perfect timing

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Found this on the internet, dont know the creator, pt. 2

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One punch ! (@ _ @|||)

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59 points

I feel judged

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Best door mat ever

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We didn't see any cake.

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When you like the pets but there's a scary noise

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You're my bestest fwend mr wuffers

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20 points

Reenacting the Lion King

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Harvey Weinstein of Dogs

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My kittens have been trying to be nursed during the past few months. The only problem is that the bigger cat is their brother

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