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Democracy in Russia

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The bane of all fps

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102 points

Barry it

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Everyone has pics looking better and losing weight, so I thought I would share this with you guys. I didn’t lose weight but I had Lasik Eye Surgery.

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128 points

Such Truth

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99 points

Little crimes

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105 points

Idk who did this but thank you

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123 points

Dad never fails to rip ass during family photos

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103 points

got my gram a new apron for her 90th birthday. this is the moment she realized what was on it

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87 points

when you are out eating and the table next to you is being hella loud

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83 points

Grandma knows best

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96 points

Oh brother

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Security guard doing an ocular pat down

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139 points

Replacement knee

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128 points

Perfect Timing 🕙

Preview 078f75ef 31c3 43fa 9790 0681656a9ff9

With the Superbowl next week let us not forget

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Took a pic of my girlfriend with my new DSLR, perfect timing.

Preview 92ba0464 e63b 4365 9b81 d7c70d8d4ff8

A snowflake right before melting

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He is getting married so he made this with his best friend and future wife.

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