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Greetings to all who kissed the cup yesterday

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My brothers girlfriend got a great picture of him stretching his forearms and doing something with his face. Would be a real shame if it made its way around the internet.

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How the daddy long-legs got its name

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It's an endless cycle

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Monday Lisa lol

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Another perspective

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Don’t know if this counts but I took a picture of my friends right before one punched the other in the balls. I used one of those stretch filters btw. His arm isn’t that long.

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Best job description ever

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poor rob

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lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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me when i shave

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Big titted chilenian Laura Luna Rabo

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Overhearing people in work talking about the new diet they're trying always reminds me of this.

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Friend trying to catch blueberry in his mouth

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Me as a Parent

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So much going on

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Not the wine! X-post from r/holdmycosmo.

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