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Not only did I become an Infantryman today, I also became a US citizen!

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Damn, I wish I knew what laptop Jamie and Adam were using

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Business Idea

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Find the meaning of my tags

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Tyrion: Next time I have an idea like this punch me in the face.

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Chris Stuckmann reviewing The Emoji Movie

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October 10, 1911, in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Blood poisoned and drunk, these were his last words. True story.

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The feeling of a woman's boob reduces a man's ability to think clearly 50%............. per Boob

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I love these guys

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Because reasons

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I can't beelieve that this is real!

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The most acceptable way to do it

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He is right though

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I'm not jealous :)

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Laugh and you have a free ticket to hell...

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Very good, I cant tell the difference

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Luritja man demonstrating method of attack with boomerang under cover of a shield, central Australia, 1920.

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What the f**k did I just read!!

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