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The girl my sister was baby sitting had a look of pure joy I’ve only seen once before...

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19 points

A more accurate depiction of dating tall women

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20 points

Meanwhile in a parallel universe...

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74 points

True dat.

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She's got it goin oni

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67 points

Assassination by Foam Block

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Lazy slouchy model

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I WAS gonna practice on my keyboard today.

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Sorry m'ladies

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When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

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80 points

ice cream-ception.

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69 points

The rolling spread eagle.

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57 points

The One.

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80 points

Inflation? What's that?

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68 points

It is the third day since Oregonians have started pumping their own gas

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86 points

Cat Fu Fighting!

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Tragic Hero

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