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8 Strange Little-Known Unsolved Mysteries

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41 points

Just saw this on r/casualiama and I am blown away. WTF.

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18 points

7 of the Deadliest Cults that Ended in Tragedy

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51 points

Only in America!

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18 points


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I introduce you the one and only ...

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18 points

I've read it like 10times and still laughing

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63 points

Run! bi*ches run!!!!

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16 points

It's a good theory.

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Mark Manson

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15 points

The story of a soldier and his dog

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22 points

Game review

Preview 37fca59c b3d7 4e6d a143 b9532ea47e82

In a thread about electric fences

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Come throwin' shade be ready to get thrown down

Preview 3ee37bfa bf41 4088 9925 ce5f9563b3f4

OP's dad helps him out with video games

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22 points

And I thought mine was bad

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23 points

Yet Another 9 Unsolved Mysteries

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21 points

I feel for this guy...

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75 points

A Story of Divorce

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