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Fissure made by earthquake in my country (Mexico)

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14 points

For sale: two story house. Quick access to Highway.

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24 points

Panda power!!! Chines solar energy plant

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88 points

Zagreb, Croatia

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Me on bungee

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Monteriggioni, Tuscany. One of the most well preserved medieval towns with its full defensive wall

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17 points

Nice view.

Preview d81cf096 6805 4e1a a928 60687072a27c
90 points

Our three majestic bridges joining Fife and Edinburgh in Scotland.

Preview 4bde6dad a5e7 4056 8a4f 2b9fd739f98b
89 points

Glass floor in the Tokyo Skytree

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Home Explosion in Millersville, PA.

Preview 6d9f4e1b c2e0 42ad ade7 c805f4524462
18 points

Madison, Wisconsin actually looks kinda good if you "tilt-shift" it.

Preview 075329a0 69b7 428b b4a3 ed6dd54e1a32
122 points

Venice looks like Zoidberg rubbing his hands

Preview 1de55cdc 41fd 4060 9e19 df72fc1e831d
18 points

Beipanjiang Bridge in China


In Abu Dhabi where I'm assuming some billionaire has an entire man-made sand island with a single mansion for himself...

Preview 973951ef 0961 44ec 896b bab43a46fd5e
19 points

One of many places I've lived so far. NEPAL.

Preview 26ea8717 24a3 4557 8c0a 8017b52c0155
135 points

Windy road through a forest

Preview c4601a48 b57b 4baa a561 a1a16d54d01c
148 points

City near the diamond mine in Russia

Preview 9e13bf94 8687 46bb bfe7 a464909873db
217 points

Space Shuttle launch

Preview 79298607 ccb5 48cf 9b35 5386a8293540
163 points

Biggest bottle opener in the world

Preview 6367cd85 a586 4704 94d1 48fc7b811806
176 points

Human House

Preview 19e307c7 34cb 448f a80e 622c241b072e
112 points

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