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When the website tells you this shit

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59 points

Family Photo? Get me out!

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19 points

The hearts I want

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119 points

Let me give you a hand.

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20 points

Welcome to the family.... bitch.

Preview 3426f4c8 5b16 4d9f ac04 b8bcc45f5844
24 points

My grandad kept his promise to meet his great granddaughter

Preview 902ff738 a328 45fc bc02 a6ae4b7aabd8
14 points

A love story of ice and fire

Preview 77f6b913 cf06 43c8 92db b0d6f0a04797
22 points

What a gentleman!

Preview abfb9ecc a787 4153 b360 3c34af706770
3 points

For over two years this has been my favorite picture of both my dog and my girlfriend

Preview b5e20377 0076 403d 80e2 9ae285a53b09

Emma's a b*tch anyway.

Preview f94cd163 7d34 4c1e b485 aaa8155ff458
18 points

He's the real MVP

Preview 59a6a35d 0425 4169 9e8e 2bed1fcd1262
18 points

Cows are very affectionate

Preview ab267cb6 4ed6 4e04 bf27 4801a54763a7
12 points

Parents try taking a cute photo with their baby. But it looks like they're both sucking dicks.

Preview 00e50304 fba9 4e46 ba4a c80c315fd402
128 points

Face swap that is funny and terrifying

Preview 19581989 7863 408f b533 f488299a4cc4
9 points

When the DNA work just right.

Preview 11a6b9ff 0c47 478d 9a94 a52604a45ae1
8 points

Kim and Kanye

Preview 6aef1d8a 82ec 4cb9 ad2f b27620bac939
11 points
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How to properly use a Girlfriend

Preview 6fdf3302 dc01 45c4 a036 76dfe6545fcb
655 points

"Excuse me miss"

Preview 5eaaefcd c6a6 4066 a94d 2a7446473940
113 points

Dog and little boy sleeping. So Adorable.

Preview 814a5ca1 98fc 4d48 8615 bfa7bd77d996
124 points

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