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Finished with this season rice crop - My Village.

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Golden plover chick looks exactly like a piece of moss

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10 points

Sunset in North Dakota

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12 points

The Amish raising a barn in Hammond, NY in 2017

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Celtic Cathedral

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When the udder wants to get swole

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Flower Crown Cow

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Whats you opinion on weed?

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When you want to strike fear into those who would try to ravage your garden.

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Meanwhile in Ireland...

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Ever seen a fat horse, here's one

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Newborn horse learning how to eat.

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One of many places I've lived so far. NEPAL.

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115 points

Windy road through a forest

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134 points

Are GMOs Good Or Bad? Let's Break Down Genetic Engineering & Our Food

237 points

A chicken with horn?

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163 points

Mooo Motherf**ker

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205 points

Wrong calf?

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112 points

Mother Nature's getting horny

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