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Watching A Daredevil Pilot Fly This Low Is AbsolutelyAmazing But Also Terrifying!

236 points

Doggo wants to know

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207 points

A rare shot of a disobedient baby F18 running away from a mama F18

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192 points

Did you just assume my gender?

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103 points
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76 points

A picture to describe a whole country

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123 points

I do hope they hired a real pilot..

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WATCH: Guy Takes His Bulldog On A Helicopter Ride For His Birthday

205 points

No vegetarian meal ...and now this!

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96 points

The Flying Tigers in WWII...squad goals

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108 points

I want to break free!

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A rare picture of an aeroplane drinking water from the sea

Preview b93d55db 1555 4b12 892b 71a2a92efb98
187 points

"what are you going to do with that?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Preview 7698e8c6 3108 40e8 926e 66a87d941d14
127 points

Lightning at the airport

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118 points

In Germany there are also bridges for planes.

Preview ef2de675 0b2b 4695 89e7 b1a9a202c5f6
144 points

Why am I laughing? LOL

Preview ebc3e9bc c1ec 4557 8436 cf165b0caa2c
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Mayday.. Mayday..

Preview 74bf5e58 41b1 4372 a71b 1da033e61ac0
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Sneezing on your period be like

Preview d548d116 b611 4d10 a4c0 ace3d633e479
87 points

When your plane bigger than your garage

Preview 6b0dff8d 432d 4ab7 8151 f2c109b81af7
99 points

Sucked in

Preview 48f4b1b9 ce23 4d3d 8213 7eabffcad7c5
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