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This great shot.

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16 points

Gas Station In Slovakia

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17 points

Leaving my hometown today

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14 points

Will die in fresh, just like they died in fresh waters.

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85 points

Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

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A house shaped lile a plane in Lebanon!

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21 points

This plane hit a bird.

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15 points

F-111 moments before crash landing due to failed landing gear.

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Here goes the luggage

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The Enola Gay, right before the bombing of Hiroshima which killed more than 70,000 people. May they rest in eternal peace.

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23 points

Nom Nom

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23 points

The air conditioning on my airplane today.

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78 points

Iceland from 20,000 ft.

Preview 3085991c 5fb5 48e4 a78a 3f72abc7c887

F-18 Super Hornet Breaking Sound Barrier

Preview 39bd7af4 a053 40af 9c38 d2759e358d69
17 points


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94 points

Concorde zipping past during the 1973 eclipse

Preview b451c207 0409 46dc bd33 4b9e0f66f02b
19 points

If you ever wondered how Amsterdam looks like from the air.

Preview e30359b8 1c37 4167 bf67 b0f999e9c994

So.... Cardboard cop cars are a thing now in Turkey.

Preview a4ed76fa a98c 4cb4 bff4 935f8de2c498
24 points

First drone taxi in Dubai.

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15 points

Lightning striking an airplane passing through a rainbow

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