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Coming in a little low....

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Millions of dollars about to be incinerated

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Almost got final destinationed this morning

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Wonder when he realized

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Christopher Stricklin ejecting from an F-16 seconds before it crashed in Sept 2003. He was not seriously injured

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My cozy nook on wheels.

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Actually I wanted to go jogging, but it looks like rain.

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Today on my flight it was a passengers birthday, so a flight attendant made him a crown out of peanut bags and those little swords that they put in cocktail drinks.

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Someone tried to use a truck like a skateboard and rail slide the median on the highway.

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Nihilist Eyeglass World

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Seems safe

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My late grandfather at work, maintaining The Blackpool Tower

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Shouldn't have put the airport in a bad neighborhood

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Space X: Astronaut spacesuit next to Crew Dragon

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Cruising along at 36,000 feet, then an incredibly loud "bang", then I see this...

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My best friend and his crew have rescued over 100 in Texas. Pretty damn proud of this guy.

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Mixed generic dishwasher detergent with name brand

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Close call.

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