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Movies that take place inside an airplane.

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12 points

I gave this driver the go-ahead to get in front of me in traffic, and then got a sensible chuckle when I closed in.

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146 points

When your HOA won’t let you put a pool in your yard!

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177 points

Much wow

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102 points

Meanwhile in Hollywood

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84 points

I must have done college wrong.

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123 points

Poor bumper sticker placement

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152 points

No Kids

Preview 4b45c567 b734 447c bb9b 09068122af3a
74 points

When You Have No Kids

Preview 428d868e c89b 440b ac17 f91d5933f1de
79 points

Sometimes water leaks through the light fixture in my basement

Preview deae84f1 1937 4fd2 a9b8 e74a89048840
110 points

Idiot was already taken

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115 points

Iraq In April of 2004. Our convoy was stopped on the side of the road, was able to grab my camera right as this Apache flew overhead.

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121 points

Does anyone know the use case of having cut up pieces of tire as your rear window?

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105 points

This made me uncomfortable...

Preview ad023314 8686 4fc4 bc2e dea803a28777
111 points

Airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow.

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103 points

Teeny PP

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89 points

Randomly took a picture out the airplane window last night and captured lightning.

Preview 59dc1a32 2753 44ac b5c0 38542df949bc
101 points

Flying rebar on I-20 hits my dad's windshield at 60mph and embeds itself into the dash

Preview a23c2792 772a 44a8 8493 ec4dbc5f5164
96 points

This passive aggressive car sticker...

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108 points


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