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F-18 Super Hornet Breaking Sound Barrier

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This photo broke my heart (not mine)... rescuer going back home after a long day of supporting.

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100 points

Found this hilarious

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18 points

Taking care of mom.

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17 points

So.... Cardboard cop cars are a thing now in Turkey.

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21 points

Everything here is Legit . Much wow!

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16 points

What snow looks like from an airplane.

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16 points

Existential crisis in 3...2..1

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15 points

Ever asked yourself how many midgets are needed to pull a plane? It's 36

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18 points

I said to my wife, Korean air looks like the Pepsi symbol when all of a sudden

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13 points

For everyone who wonders why the US nuked Japan twice.

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Just sharing my happiness with you guys: I just got the job I've wanted since I was a kid. Have a nice day, everyone!

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20 points

I'm so happy rn

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13 points

Boeing... Boeing... Boeing

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3 points

The saddest aisle in the supermarket.

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15 points

Don't move to a populated place where they have air shows every year if you're not a fan of jet noise.

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20 points

Checkmate, Atheists!

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22 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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19 points

Why would Jimmy Johns spend time, money and resources to print these and place them in their stores?

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12 points

Friend works for an airline... That's a Bald Eagle.

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