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Never a dull moment at work.

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62 points

Silver House, Cephalonia, Greece

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13 points

someone got incredibly lucky in the wind storm we had

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Never a dull moment at work.

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17 points

Semi trucks napping in their natural habitat

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20 points

This dog was arrested for entering without a ticket

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66 points

The first year students stole our trash can one too many times... this is how we responded!

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19 points

The ceiling of the "smoking area" of this airport

Preview d4012b29 72b9 44f9 bffc d165c4fdbf87
18 points

So much for privacy...

Preview f1f20a5c f5d0 45df bce5 f68befdcafd6
17 points

Édifice Gilles-Hocquart, Québec National Library and Archives, Montréal, Québec

Preview 9a97a1a7 7fb0 422c a558 d8ebeee893bd
19 points

The Singapore government has labeled 'hearing impaired' as an inappropriate term

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52 points

This gate arm design...

Preview 720375c3 19d9 4fdc b768 600ae482a0ba
63 points

The birthing of a plane...

Preview 2211f6d6 66cc 4901 b8a0 6f15242d59da
20 points

Spacious living room with slanted ceiling, located in Melbourne, Australia

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18 points


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Times sure have changed

Preview 51f23c52 5cad 4182 8386 4ed2e40937b6
22 points

Has science gone too far ?

Preview 547a96a9 1111 440e a811 74c993a10da5
94 points

The cable management at this Kroger.

Preview 47dd7972 6bff 4034 b4bf 20a35bf179fa
17 points

German Trains be like... Wait 36 hours mmmkay

Preview 738f9abe 5490 4997 a2c2 64af056edcc3

This great shot.

Preview ee659083 74ba 488e bc3b 2c63d4c34a5a
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