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I'll take a Mr. Clean on the rocks, please.

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Eclipse viewer

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Its my turn to upload this.

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Jesus, my favourite Jew.

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Wise words my friend ...

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Here, have a post with free pornographic related tags

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23 points

The most morbid tea bag

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13 points

You won't escape an awkward situation by ripping off this label.

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Fuck yeah, cheers bro!


Happens to often

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Anytime now

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"Asshole destroyer pepper blend" Would you try it?

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Total Rager


Inverted Perspective

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In Italy, I found this beer that was totally out of mein comfort zone!

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14 points

Inverted Perspective

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11 points

Why didn't m&m make it as their product???

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15 points

Proud to be slav

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"I'll never need geography. I'm going to sell wine when I grow up!"

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Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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