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125 points

It's Been 6 Years And Still My Favourite Review On Amazon

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150 points

Under pressure

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126 points

I went to the dentist, and...

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87 points

Great you are closer to dying!

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62 points

The feels

Preview 2fb9d0bb ec6e 42b6 8d11 c35878de00e9
82 points

The good ol' days..when you could discipline a child without being accused of abuse

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60 points

This was in my dentist's waiting room.

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100 points

Professor against the dark WHOA! (by Frank Cho)

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Childhood difficulties

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87 points

Always plays to be proactive

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Professor against the dark WHOA! (by Frank Cho)

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Why do you read this?

Preview 7d38ed06 79e7 432b bad7 3d225c1a20bc
64 points

This made me laugh a little to much

Preview 43075f62 f957 452c 95c5 b707c6f65f1d
52 points

North vs South Korea

Preview 287a4f4d 61f7 412d ab75 c02f0420cb2e
113 points

Which one had enough sleep?

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This makeup artist Sosenka transformed herself into Android 18 and nails every characters we've seen

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173 points

What has been seen cannot be unseen

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