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Sometimes , life is too funny with pranks😂😂 | Funny Pranks Video Compilation.

90 points

What? Just... what?

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52 points

I will never let go

Preview ee581b35 4e75 4e9e 819c a1b49849a24e

John is smartest, be like john

Preview cb282c06 8bb4 44f2 82cb 01f883efa4ae
49 points

Oh god..

Preview 2b24a310 0751 46cf 9613 2bc6bd927532
80 points

She never got those free diamonds...

Preview ed22a975 687b 4e59 a3f3 579153f70889
61 points

Oh deer

Preview 7b275306 7cf2 4375 ad98 637397339ab1
79 points

This actually happend to me

Preview 049f43ca 9f1c 4446 8135 5640bf8000ff
53 points

Not his fault

Preview 994f154f eef5 4de7 9d95 1835db1c1f81
58 points

Haha! Naaaaah, it's fine!

Preview 8b0cc22f dda4 41a6 9f7c cd34ab881831
71 points

True Love

Preview 65cdaf64 1b4a 4747 8bb4 bf439b1ba1b5

Yeah keep going

Preview ac181016 3fe0 4529 97ee ddc19e055e8c
60 points

Comet is powerless

Preview cbefa999 27e4 40c8 aa82 b5e629b4d281
37 points

If only

Preview be055f4e 56c1 4e08 b179 eae5897a1d49

They told Helen Keler she couldn't speak... but did she complain?

Preview 333aaddc e4c3 4c95 9065 d9308cfe0a64
42 points

Make a wish, it will be partially granted. What did you got?

Preview 4c43f547 eb88 459c 8659 c7a924014938
71 points

How to write a spectacular resume

Preview 80478829 da12 44cc b094 59332e1acea6
39 points

Love those comics

Preview cb812e01 f13d 4a0b add8 462664ff94d5
11 points

History of Europe in countryballs

Preview 8b25bce0 77b1 49b7 9a4f eb5da1f06913

Russia decriminalized domestic violence.

Preview ed70324d 5bc4 405d 8d76 875c7a6120e0
65 points

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