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When Mom is giving you pets and is about to take your picture, but your sister ruins it by jumping up on the side of the couch all majestic like.

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Don't boop this floof...

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The purrfect gift for that special, artsy, cat-lady friend of yours

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This Steve Buscemi cat

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86 points

dat ass 🤢

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This is Kevin. Kevin likes tuna

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Tala needed to see over the fence anyway she could.

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Who da fuk u think u is???

Preview e0b60c5c 6dea 4839 833e 5efd69e7a421

Now you're thinking with portals

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24 points

I hope she found what she was looking for...

Preview d8ea0c8e 7a8d 43b3 b034 6392282b968f

This woman with the head of an Alpaca

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Chicken fashion

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Good Morning, this is my water now

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In the days before anesthetic the Maya nobles would sometimes flatten their teeth and drill holes in the teeth to affix rocks into them.

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86 points

The garbage man has arrived

Preview 4f72b1bb 15df 4793 b556 8695f526ea9e
20 points

omg yesssssssss

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61 points

I’m gonna eat all your hair

Preview 0a3cd847 5891 4ce3 a5de 623adf075ba0

Trying to play while I’m hanging out the washing.

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