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Book cat says nope. Not tonight.

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he showed up with this present...

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Jerk sit

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Talk to the hand

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Silly seals

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127 points

A cat! Is that a cat! It’s definitely a cat.. annnnd he’s gone.

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what happened?

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97 points

This bastard just locked me out on my balcony

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Luna, after being caught red handed stealing catnip off the plant.

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Hit it dawg!

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111 points

I feel this is accurate

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My cat will not stop stealing my dirty underwear, nor will she release it after being caught red-handed.

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Found this little guy in a museum

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82 points

If you don't have one, it's you.

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120 points

Link, before and after he sees a moth

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106 points

Pure, unadulterated startle. He was spooked by the camera!

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92 points


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44 points

Watching a little bird outside

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78 points

Thanks, Dad! You lay on Cat Grass, right?

Preview 53677699 b3d3 4736 bf39 d2ff7ebb31a3

One wrong move and i will kill you!

Preview 37fffade 7135 47a7 a028 6fdd4d2fef21

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