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A deep examination of my inner emotions

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10 points

Good morning Sunday! Catnip to all.

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An unusual face swap

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83 points

He thinks he’s being helpful 🙄

Preview efbabd52 891b 46ca a446 1edb1e11a0bd

This is what the vascular system of a leaf looks like

Preview f1878951 fbd4 4e15 aeb7 adee489dacbb
79 points

What a good excuse for not completing homework

Preview 1041726a 3ff9 4e42 a8e0 80ba63ad0aaf

Blue-banded bee

Preview 7363af53 7410 4b6d ab55 ad2016b05c69

No way my friend is getting her blanket back..

Preview b82ccd47 b3c3 4b5f bdb9 2d3623928beb

Shorty is a little jerk

Preview ec465f95 eb78 49dc a7f5 139c87408c5c

Ow! That's my back!

Preview e55f3c58 3bd8 475f afb6 99526fb66b70

Here’s my cat, immediately after shitting in the bath and refusing to move from my chair.

Preview f275d1f2 7fbc 4b39 b94d 0b20e211019d

When They Say : You're Too Young To Be Tired!

Preview aa61c81c c412 46d5 beed bfd8930bf407
80 points

"Karen...you understand I must end you"

Preview c0980dff 09ab 4f5c b6d7 77059ffa753f
67 points

Fancy Fowl

Preview b991af6b b011 4270 8194 7ff66dddc3c2
90 points

Another young actor's life destroyed

Preview 92b6446e b18a 4b5a 9836 adde4cb5af0d

Getting right back in the saddle

Preview f552c124 5f8f 468a b04a 5e910fe63071

Bird Rescued Snow Shoes to help her Walk again.

Preview 085ba160 6e65 453a b7fb 65c3fc9c5784
83 points

Hawk firing projectiles

Preview 15246ab0 b51b 4f61 a3ed e84d03c58fd7

" every drunk girl pic on facebook "

Preview 467b3a2d 95c5 4720 88b8 ce789baa3255
66 points

Frankenstein, on a budget

Preview 409b9f67 abf0 4d7f bb22 b237948aeb2e
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