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How I feel as an adult using a drinking fountain.

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Caught my fur baby mid yawn

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What a wonderful world

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The look of innocence

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12 points

I am not lost, just visiting

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I heard you like Punisher so here's a cat.

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Guess he doesn’t want his picture taken

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Took a picture of my cat before and after being fed

Preview ef119517 5dc4 48b1 a05f 77cfbfdb8240
16 points

The wallago attu catfish

Preview 1db08bf3 b341 47bc 97cf 6a5bee38506d
53 points

Can I eat him ??

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Note To Self: Check The Dimensions Of Everything Before Ordering On Amazon

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21 points

I have foster cate. This is how he sits.

Preview 14f0417a 51cd 4b92 b50e 9131e4128ea9
16 points

When your hooman has the smell of dogs

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24 points

Originally from r/insanepeopleoffacebook

Preview c8dd634f ca98 4353 b6df e3e932da738c
21 points

One punch ! (@ _ @|||)

Preview be12ed9c 9837 4cce 8434 2e7749681c25
56 points

Found this old pic of my kitty getting startled by the camera

Preview 8ba2b8c2 3846 4e98 a0a8 6f0d9f4c1524
20 points

Now l know where cappuccinos come from.

Preview ae64841a bebe 4d73 8cd8 344e015b4d09
19 points


Preview 20576685 ad60 42af bfb8 834901487169
21 points

This bracelet is mine now

Preview e94e0286 9dd4 49e8 92b9 903c37e798ac

Best door mat ever

Preview 3ce74874 902f 4bd2 9844 c799cc8c0a85
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