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89 points

I’m always right when will you learn

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114 points

My cat routinely steals my hair elastics. I found out she just stashes them under the stove

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My cat makes the same face when he's surprise hugged

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155 points

Having a moment

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Me: can I move my leg plz? Cat: nope

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Cat & Food - It’s Cat Food!

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This is the honest truth.

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154 points

Smokey sneezed himself scared.

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122 points

We need to talk about your hair style

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167 points

Why did you stop petting me?

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110 points

Can I please have my highlighter back?

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I like my coffee like I like my...

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97 points

Cat Photobomb Level: Bitter

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137 points

Izzy's look 24/7

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65 points

Cats training to dominate the world! GET F*CK OFF HUMANS!


My cat british shorthair Ile loves bird nest or is this cat nest.😁

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"Move along...this does not concern you."

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157 points

Dingo Viciously Mauled by Lion

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