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I thought this belonged here

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I asked them who pooped next to my bed and I think I have the answer.

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he showed up with this present...

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Hit it dawg!

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124 points


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189 points

My cat will not stop stealing my dirty underwear, nor will she release it after being caught red-handed.

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He refuses to be trained

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Rescued orphaned babies. Sprayed twice.

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Found this little guy in a museum

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94 points

A startled cat.

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75 points

Asshole elephant

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The Fish Fiasco Prank Call

22 points

This magnificent cat

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53 points

Swol cow

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102 points


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111 points

Top clips of animals being jerks put in a video.


Summer time

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86 points

Basset hounds don’t “play,” baby emu.


Dog shit in my yard!!

14 points

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