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Spot the black Labrador

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126 points

I feel this is accurate

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181 points

Kill it with fire

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100 points

Traveling with 3 years old son, he thinks that thing is trying to eat the plane...

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147 points

Is that little guy doing a fist pump?

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125 points

You want me to plant that where???

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104 points

When the blacksmith has no more work to do

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62 points



It's called the "Come Here" side table

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114 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

Preview ba16bf8a 8d98 484b a7dc 381754311f62
99 points

Bad ass

Preview bb689630 5aca 4eec 95ca 8577b22ce07b
94 points

Recess back in the 1900s

Preview 9d69f4df 134a 4764 a2ba 035489efd000
85 points

🔥 The Scorpion Dragon Fly. Yes, they exist.🔥

Preview fdca9349 8aa1 42ca bb85 3e70b6ae554a
64 points

TIL of Roach Mating Habits.

Preview a408f9c6 ab14 4abf b8cd a6c19647a6cb
104 points

Photographer captured the incredible scene of the tiny ant hauling a huge bee

Preview 8f8981fb e9d3 4023 af79 922b62d96398
132 points

This butterfly is a bilateral gynandromorph: literally half male, half female.

Preview 8ebcf197 c197 4eba b055 5de3bc6037c6
84 points

Just saw a documentary about these. They Are some serious f**kers. And I AM just scared of the regular ones!

Preview 88b7d600 cf56 4e08 9bce 4264144908a1
110 points

If you get this we might've just become best friends

Preview ba6f377a b98c 43f8 8325 f0400aef135c
169 points

Do all woman react like this?

Preview 3df0c639 f9c3 45ac bdb8 cab7eb0f4cde
366 points

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