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1,440 items found in the stomach of a psychiatric patient suffering from pica

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12 points

Zero chill

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Quote of the day

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18 points

Classic antiquing at a Halloween party.


This painting at the airport in Shreveport, LA.

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0 points

Planetarium Watch

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9 points

Found the Original Meme in a Castle in Scotland.

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8 points

This is real art.

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15 points

Pranking my kids!


Just Got this. One watch to rule them all

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Turning your child into a peasant. Disgraceful.

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8 points

So barbaric

Preview d3cd14ed 6a66 4e3e 9825 e463a46ddca6
3 points

Look at all these derelict airplanes being dismantled one by one

Preview 9359c0a3 2e2c 418c b166 520e01ac72ea
4 points

anyone see a cat?

Preview a669f42c a094 4a27 b03e f430726e4da7
5 points

Sword made of the human femer

Preview 8d801e9e 750e 4e97 ac36 a3301250748d
6 points

Alphabet inverted is so cool

Preview 06993e44 87be 4d8f 8051 11c86407df6b
6 points

The desert quadrilogy

Preview 75d0d7f9 3db7 46a9 b559 becb43ee48cd
129 points

Gold-Plated AK47 Chair From Real Rifles

Preview 8f2a68cf 0032 43f9 9aed 48b20d59635d
190 points
Preview 95ad9258 ff47 452c bd75 69d1c73cdbdf
168 points

To the post with a three barrelled shotgun...

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128 points

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