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Gee, Thanks Kid!

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11 points

This kids got a bright future.

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22 points


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86 points

A 6th grader in my wife's class drew this comic - Lord help me

Preview 12f00fe7 f31a 418c 9fa1 1743b868f17d
82 points

My daughter drew this during a boring class today...

Preview 21301628 b650 4459 a2a9 b5d02fc7eaec
88 points

Remodeling my Grandfather's basement and found this... he's still yelling at us from the grave.

Preview 7c30f50f 21dc 4c79 83de 07253314926d
62 points

Went to go do laundry this morning and found this gem!

Preview 1e4d4018 61b3 4c49 beba 164bd88e3388
56 points

Gravy denied

Preview 956a69d6 0cf8 4717 be2f 63ac744189fe

Found these instructions next to the fur rugs in Ikea Glasgow

Preview 97e24bbe 3f37 43f3 b9d5 9e035d9cc23e
77 points

Alex is the hero we need

Preview 242af5f0 dd35 4f93 a82b d59dc4dff6ef
65 points

Eastern time zone perfection

Preview 9a3ee8d3 c07e 4071 bd20 a89c6f30d9e2

A wild teenager appears

Preview 13b40c3a 2deb 4839 a68a bdfc33e41afc
91 points

At a local hamburger restaurant...

Preview 3d8eac05 124a 429c bff5 fa8ca9986669
88 points

Mom caught my little brother planning a party...

Preview 79f9291f b3f1 47f4 b927 39b5637c5324
104 points

The gf kept saying she wanted to draw something together. I suggested taking turns drawing individual lines. This was our dissaterpiece

Preview 7593408a 94a3 4f09 b641 082e0f1e06a0
86 points

Life sucks

Preview a19dc87e 5848 4a6d 80a5 c184b109c717
98 points

Girlfriend's eye doctor hit her with a good ol' dad joke today.

Preview 285ae5e3 ad44 47ed b6ed 496b8d4231a4
112 points

Eat your broccoli!

Preview b16269e9 0ca9 4818 8fea 13547b59d145
99 points

Fight the power, Bill.

Preview e382a6e3 2aee 431e aafd ac3f2ebd9929
100 points

Kids are glorious

Preview 1443c6fc 4bb6 4fd5 886f bc5c1a048213
89 points

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