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Kids nowadays!

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77 points

My grandpa has the same christmas tree for 73 years

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70 points

Ah Roger, my kinda guy

Preview 77e4b866 0f56 4728 b18b add97ec08580
51 points

This kid's going places

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53 points

Be a hero.

Preview 5fcc42e5 6a6b 4caa a8d6 76df7b5a25ce

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled...

Preview 6f6171ce 9544 40c7 94c6 50567bfea231
24 points

Stomach contents of a patient with pica disorder

Preview b78417e4 9c45 4a32 a15c ec27cdd6ae85
24 points

Morale is high this week..

Preview 2f62157d 39f9 420a 90b6 a16d25de2135
18 points

And now I feel better

Preview 1776c9ef 5eed 48ff 8cc5 234cef9fbd0f

Was kind of hoping for a fortune, but that works too.

Preview 6d7d0df2 a137 406a 9161 084be03338ab
23 points

Poetry at its best

Preview b00ac8b9 b71d 4673 aa89 f49c2c41252e
23 points

Bathroom at MSP Airport

Preview ad037d54 bf76 4700 8e7f 562ef29139d1
24 points

Was visiting a Scottish Castle when suddenly ...

Preview 32cb78e0 b2dd 4463 99c0 ee96eea739a2

Bad cough? This might help.

Preview 257aca7f 2ede 4bf0 a922 ec249ddcb749
20 points

Earth is not the only "flat thing". This tennis ball is also flat

Preview 8bf39704 4c70 4309 be70 7c0a717fd891
67 points

The great packaging on this locally made cookie

Preview 294376eb fbae 46f6 8c29 93133a648a5d
74 points

Where we had our fridge sitting for the past 10 years

Preview 32395aa4 7319 4c7b ba97 11ab696bceff
18 points

It's just logical

Preview 98fbf7b7 e9d9 4455 9450 def8215e78f8
86 points

It took 4 days, but my neighbors noticed! To continue the message or not?

Preview 5527c4c0 ff51 4bad b323 99d31c006f70
24 points

Too many at once.

Preview f40243f3 5a1c 4fce 9003 5837019feecc
23 points

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