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Got this poster for attending a Ghibli Marathon last night

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76 points

I didn't make this...

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23 points

My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

Preview 8ab21d8a ab3f 4bb7 a990 4020d8bcf5c0

CHEVY hired me to create this steampunk beast as celebration of RED WINGS team. Hope you like it

Preview e190e7ab df80 4c96 87dd 1cd4b72a9cb0
64 points

This Kindergarten in Brazil

Preview 9e37a8b8 9732 4de8 8177 f13128d099f6
15 points

Found this on IG and had to share

Preview d6c59c77 173a 4acf 884c a8761639670c
20 points

A six pound iron ball smashed through both his breastplate and backplate

Preview 831d4938 c65f 49c4 8553 fbb85b8f9b0b
91 points

You never know where a quest will come from.

Preview 5408e69e e563 419a 92af b9636066b534
23 points

Improved version

Preview 38d1cd41 6a20 4951 b5a8 401be20e5460
76 points

A little light reading while I sit

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48 points

I was exhausted and asked my brother if he could do me a favor and make me my lunch for work. When I opened my lunchbox the next day this is what I saw.

Preview 82ebd827 a8da 4652 9c27 a80e634dac69
75 points


Preview 25aaa48a dac8 40ae 9176 3f0b0d74f1d8
19 points


Preview 483a1ae7 f28f 4f8d b0fc 07128a9f3d83
81 points

Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died

Preview ebd6c574 119d 4e1d 92dc f41aad421ef3
21 points

What a poem

Preview c85253b3 572a 4799 bdb5 8b1a6f2623e0
15 points

Bad dog

Preview af867361 2b01 40ce b288 71607ed87846
20 points

Early 20th century Japanese characters typewriter

Preview 22b54d15 96c0 4ef0 94b8 2d3740e11313
19 points

Nature always wins ...

Preview 813c1192 af43 4076 9aab b78268072ed1
15 points

What a wholesome meme... wait what

Preview 9986448b c392 494b aae2 18b8dd2eb1db
19 points


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