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They put the TV antenna on the wrong side!

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12 points

I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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12 points

I just visited Stuttgart and had to drop this masterpiece of a library here!

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7 points

Bathroom in Aspen, Colorado estate

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5 points

Large kitchen and dining area features exposed brick, light oak floors and a long granite island in this home located in Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

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8 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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57 points

Cuisine BOREALE Blanc Mat & REFLET Bleu Atlantique

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11 points

Has Slavic science gone too far?

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Small Swedish apartment with a lovely retro feel

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3 points

Spacious, well-lit bathroom features a vaulted ceiling and wallpaper echoing the surrounding forest in this ski lodge in Aspen, Colorado.

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0 points

Minimalist bathroom with a Japanese-style hinoki tub overlooking the nearby lake in this home in Portage Bay, Washington.

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0 points

A Luxury Living Room Decor Style For New Couple, Los Angeles, California.

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3 points

Nashville apartment

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2 points

A mix of contemporary and reclaimed pieces combined with classic artwork fill this eclectic living space in East Village, NY.

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4 points

Open living area with double-height ceilings and marble floors in this home in Perth, Australia.

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146 points

What are these chairs there for??

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134 points

Award-winning Vintage Kitchen in 1910 Nautical Cabin | Seaside, OR

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120 points

Nordic kitchen with fabulous wallpaper in Gothenburg, Sweden

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93 points

Living room in Alexandria Ave, Los Feliz

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86 points

Spacious and bright living room in Tel Aviv, Israel

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118 points

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