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Spacious mid-century living room in Cape Town | by SAOTA

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9 points

Airy modern living room with tall ceilings overlooking the surrounding trees and Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mountains

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11 points

Triple bed, London

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34 points

Stunning home theatre room in Long Island, NY.

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58 points

Typical scandinavian design at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm

Preview e748afa1 4eb3 4b9d b466 ed7fa86edca7
22 points

Sitting room and kitchen of Surrey home, England

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53 points

Modern living room in a lake house built into a grassy slope overlooking a secluded bay in Southern Quebec, Canada

Preview cc5e83f9 7e8e 4e2d 87db b1102bdfe3fa
19 points

Beautiful new construction house in Atherton, Ca

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59 points

Proud of how my living room has come together!

Preview cdd9d82a 2d5b 4a65 8cfb 9b8f6a573030
57 points

The Living Room of a $10,000 a month loft in Dumbo, Brooklyn

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50 points

Bedroom with vaulted ceilings in a Utah home.

Preview 9a4dd510 5e4a 4f81 9fbc 93e03d5aff6e
52 points

my work :inspired by moroccan heritage

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50 points

Modern kitchen with a touch of concrete

Preview cc5ebda4 a05a 4299 b6b3 84d064413393
66 points

Livingroom of a NYC brownstone

Preview 4e2cce4d ecbc 4784 b736 d6572643d4cf
23 points

Bright kitchen with herringbone patterned walls and a dramatic 14-foot ceilings in this home in Higley, Arizona.

Preview 3a8bb935 dbe9 4ced 8a97 24155cf04bdf
24 points

Tub with a view 432 Park Ave apartments

Preview 85d3f2fc 3602 4b1a a8db 42bebeeb4b61
16 points

Vatnahalsen Hotel, Norway

Preview ff2fe141 c252 4bc1 af0c 32f6ec0cbd63
11 points

Clubhouse at Luxury Property in Dallas

Preview f30a7ce6 2aa2 4022 829e 93993e78bbb5
15 points

Simple and modern timber living space with a view of a lake in Central Finland, Finland

Preview 7d64c972 e839 4ae9 b172 ee0a3639f43a
13 points

Open living space in São Paulo

Preview 8cd1b533 9b2b 410f a1c7 0133359b6e39
46 points

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