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Dachshund sitting in living room layered with mid-century design furniture and wallpaper.

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65 points

Brighton East Interior / Dan Gayfer Design , Australia, 2014

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52 points

Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda , France, 2017

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71 points

Bathroom, Brooklyn, NY

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50 points

Huge rolling shutters shade this modern Pennsylvania farmhouse.

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51 points

Modest Panoramic. Era: Post girlfriend, first real job.

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97 points

House of Many-Worlds / Austigard Arkitektur, Norway, 2018

Preview 918e3975 ebf6 4571 a2eb d86c8f416b3c
54 points

Spacious bedroom with a view in LA home

Preview 648dd748 7acf 44ec b36c a72442b001bd
23 points

Minimal simplicity in a Bel-Air home by architect John Pawson

Preview 2fc8cd1f 1f5c 4664 821a 8274aad5df12
82 points

Renovated 1970s hillside residence overlooking San Francisco Bay, Sausalito, Marin County, California

Preview 0ed6a20c ac5a 4b4e 8a4e 8ead7926ecbf
58 points

Open concept dining/living space featuring open shelving and concrete waterfall attached table in Kansas City

Preview 3499fd25 39d9 40d3 9350 f15f68854750
54 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

Preview ccf781bb f64e 48a7 a3e9 fb276fc15218
23 points

Stack House / Lazor / Office, Minneapolis, 2016

Preview 692ee703 dded 4e4a 97cf 439d2d2d3c1d
52 points

Spacious bathroom in Atlanta home

Preview c1b51375 05ae 4880 8659 8d0dbd1473f2
57 points

Wakatipu Edge, Queenstown, NZ

Preview 7020c088 68b3 495f a9ac 5965db7b790b
51 points

This co-working space in Brooklyn, NY occupies a former paper factory.

Preview 2c1047d3 8606 4b1c b382 984b5f36cf5a
50 points

Pierhouse at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Preview 5a574ccc 8b16 401f 9235 001d65c4525b
24 points

Living Room in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Preview 176bbc00 0d39 4e1d ab6d 85e8ef5dd771
35 points

Bright House / HAO Design, Taiwan, 2017

Preview 596ad9cd 3f0b 437a 8a15 03322c2f5ae2
51 points

Incredible loft in San Francisco, California

Preview 0051cbde 8692 40d0 b6f3 1f328ef17575
59 points

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