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In case you didn't know

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130 points

Probably a "re-post"

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73 points

Bees trying to ‘subtely’ kill humans...

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Child hanging out

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88 points

Wanna get stabbed?

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75 points

An Argentine rocket launcher mounted on top of a childs playground slide. Goose Green, Falkland Islands 1982

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107 points

Once in a lifetime photo. Lighting + sunset + dust storm

Preview c967bda5 2211 4014 ae87 f8d33f747c6d

Managed to take this on my phone, Probably best photo I'v ever taken

Preview 30737f0d 7a7b 40d7 b575 f99c8333d9ed

The perfect strike.

Preview 5e72fe2e 15c7 4b8d bc54 cc370de510fa

update: the grease didn't work

Preview c411238a d525 41fc 9730 e52e373bb033
120 points

Cool looking long-exposure photo of a traffic light

Preview 8554fe6b c233 4ba1 bdc0 ee0231633c0e
92 points

Almost forgot this

Preview 86c730a5 be95 4a24 b012 a61d49cfab8a
73 points

Need my charger to look at memes during Hurricane Harvey.

Preview 58364c16 c690 41ed 93f3 32b4ba3f6c48
130 points

Looks like I was too slow for the eclipse awards, but I finally finished my eclipse composite and wanted to share anyway!

Preview 2871e3a9 8ded 4def 8f68 923be1472b8c
56 points

These streetlights in Dublin

Preview 9263ac50 a2d3 47b6 8144 0fd08faeab75
108 points

Pretty sure this is some sort of astronomical phenomenon

Preview fe47b2ca f32c 4223 87be bae9454049a0
55 points

Streetlit tree on a foggy night.

Preview f026412b d3ce 4187 b4d4 08f13ca0e7da
41 points

Come to the dark side

Preview c46b75ed 3917 4295 9a3c 8d7c01cdaa28
53 points

Hurricane Irma Evacuee forgets something

Preview aa1aae03 ec37 4b02 a03e 54ef77738ca2
124 points

It just doesn’t...

Preview 9827a0e6 c067 46ba a391 0d82fbabeb07
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