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you the future

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121 points

My GF left this in the bathroom since we were hosting a dinner party and our kittens were acting up.

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You wouldn't pirate a house

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120 points

Shaker kitchen with panoramic bifold windows

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69 points

Any problem hooman

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I organized my medicine cabinet today. Help me:

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90 points

Little Cat decided to rearrange my room. Big Cat is enjoying the view. .

Preview e0fa9671 7277 4e2b 8bc7 b65a966d1cb8

Seen this in the washroom at doctors office lol

Preview dc81e1c7 ef5f 4b13 94dc 3a226e2816eb

Saw a pigeon having a job interview earlier. I hope he got it.

Preview 625966b0 34d4 45b6 a8b4 65fd935e8aaa
58 points

Extra thicc

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116 points

Snapchatted a friend at just the right moment

Preview 2d070fd6 8cb9 4570 b381 da5a6feb4745

Drunk AF

Preview 53463d96 ac5c 43f5 baf5 7b0baa086077
109 points

New year, same me

Preview 856e76da c1dc 4954 8f29 89865bf86b19
86 points

My high school used the black panthers logo on our student ID's.

Preview 3b92ef1f 3bdf 4d66 83b2 4f79d219b642
84 points

Office got a new shredder

Preview 92a8fd41 16e0 4546 abd3 f6acda0b01cf
62 points

Pro tip.

Preview 0f3a67c7 7616 4918 8fcc e5e3ba24568f
70 points

A grey kitchen in Stockholm

Preview e0a3a803 d4e7 41fb a3cc 36578082b5d8
50 points

Saving water ??

Preview 50aa28b4 efcc 4306 8902 2cd1de596c91
50 points

Perfect Toaster

Preview 00bac386 148a 4cc4 b0b9 e2360a2ccbce
39 points

God dammit Susan

Preview 8c462fa6 bb2c 49b1 a4e2 b73b2282649b
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