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We are a flying spaghetti monster.

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103 points

Along Came a Hairclip

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92 points

My feelings on religion

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164 points

Took a photo of this fly just as it decided to take off.

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172 points

I do not blame this man for his actions

Preview cd4d5b45 c177 4c36 be10 20d1afca0f5c
118 points

Firefly all lit up

Preview 594b35d2 8e76 45ea 9be8 dd3c78177d14

Repost but one of my all time favs and seasonally appropriate.

Preview 6e9cead5 720c 4ca8 a05d fa4193df1042
85 points

Is Arizona the new Australia?

Preview 58614de0 8e1b 4022 90ce 13effbe6f0bd
49 points

sweet little ladybug kisses

Preview 8b1a2596 43e5 4316 9a39 2777403aa44a
82 points

Snake pulling a cow out of a river

Preview 80667607 57ca 43de 97d7 c438040522ed
121 points

Things are going according to plan

Preview 7c1edb8d ced6 484c 8153 f73d4e2ade2b
120 points

Steve Irwin’s Son Is An Award Winning Photographer And These Photos Show Why

Preview ace48994 1a15 4faa b567 46faada142ec
146 points

The more you know

Preview 6d7e4b74 1b56 4827 b671 73969cad479d
67 points

This weird af spider that built a web from the neighbor's fence to our house....

Preview f4b68702 33b1 4333 9324 3c3143094a31
79 points

Ohh heeell no

Preview 10ea0b63 af9b 431f 8ba6 fe72a852e676
23 points

My wife said she saw all her nightmares come true when she took this.

Preview 79f8d04e 21ab 409c afa4 6e9d601abdd1
71 points

Killed this thing in my house earlier can anyone identify wtf it is? About the size of a quarter

Preview 47cddd00 a303 4ba8 8cd4 efd415961a5a
111 points

Vikins are way cooler than knights, in my opinion

Preview e7ea4db9 4780 4350 a2d6 30969f51f06c
75 points

Cute Nope. The Peacoke Spider.

Preview b1b29f0d df77 44e4 99d3 a5866830dca4
71 points

Damn nature, you scary

Preview 08bb3ec3 f5e0 4557 bffc 7ad4ade84065
20 points

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