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Bring it on, Irma

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Accurate AF

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SQUARK!! Good morning to you too!!

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Duck holding up traffic in Reykjavik

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The post below this one is gay

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59 points

Miami penthouse with very tall ceiling

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47 points

Typical scandinavian design at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm

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22 points

House in Hollywood Hills, California

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19 points

Entrance way displays the original trusses and joists in the roofline while blending tile and brick on the walls in this former Victorian Hat Factory in London.

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67 points

Not only working the pole🙀

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To restore Mana

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Dining area and kitchen are separated from the living area by brick arches in this apartment in Tribeca, NYC.

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Can we have some railings here please?

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Empty hallway inside Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal

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48 points

Stone and glass elements merge with green surroundings in this Mérida, Mexico home

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64 points

Room with a view in Shanghai

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45 points

The abandoned TWA Flight Center at JFK International Airport

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75 points

Cosy B&B in the historic centre of Bruges

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72 points

Must of been a rough divorce.

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