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The Room That Op-Shops and Road-Side Finds Built: My Manly Beach, Sydney Bedroom.

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56 points

Dachshund sitting in living room layered with mid-century design furniture and wallpaper.

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64 points

Stone House Transformation in Scaiano / Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects, Switzerland, 2014

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72 points

Stone House Transformation in Scaiano , Switzerland, 2014

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56 points

I thought as a society we had left this kind of blatant segregation in the past

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84 points

Atelier_142 / Atelier Wilda , France, 2017

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70 points

The Waterdog / Klaarchitectuur, Belgium, 2016

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51 points

Slippery when wet...

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68 points

Meticulously maintained interior of Istanbul mansion on the Bosphorus

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61 points

How bridge foundations are laid in waterways

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Spacious kitchen with exposed joists and beams, large industrial skylights and pendants over the central island in this home in Los Angeles, California.

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53 points

Dining room and kitchen in Bavarian villa overlooking Tegernsee

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51 points

Beautiful converted attic

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54 points

Relevant?! Took while driving

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44 points

Bathroom, Brooklyn, NY

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50 points

Spacious living room with view of Miami

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66 points

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, India

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56 points

I'd rather not

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90 points

House of Many-Worlds / Austigard Arkitektur, Norway, 2018

Preview 918e3975 ebf6 4571 a2eb d86c8f416b3c
53 points

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