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Natural harbour in Vernazza, Cinque Terre

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6 points

Guys, I found it!

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6 points

Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel

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10 points

Watch out! Art is highly addictive

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13 points

The entrance to the Cathedral of St Nicholas in Slovenia looks like a door to hell.

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8 points

Yes it is

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12 points


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12 points

Very sad that is 90% true.

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11 points

Autumn in Brooklyn, New York

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9 points

A lovely view over the stills at Treehouse Brewery

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Handmade cardboard castle made by the public in Galway, Ireland

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13 points

A German castle

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12 points

Taking a nap

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Don't forget the tuna, human

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How much Italian did you say your pizza were?

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11 points

Just a regular door in Valparaíso, Chile

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8 points

Just some interesting facts...

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10 points

They put the TV antenna on the wrong side!

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58 points

Blue Whale skeleton hanging in the National History Museum

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