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A Modern Solar-Powered Home Built Within the Ruins of an 18th-Century Farmhouse

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106 points

Crisp & modern refurbished barn kitchen in Sweeden

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59 points

A Funeral to Behold

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109 points

Inside Amalienborg 3rd floor, what it feels like to be a Danish king.

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75 points

Indoor-outdoor eating and sitting area in this mountain home located in Lake Tahoe, California.

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86 points

Contemporary kitchen with views of Puget Sound in Gig Harbor, WA

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73 points

New Central States White House, Chicago, IL

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102 points

Rustic sunroom

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85 points

They almost look like miniature statues attached to the house

Preview a82095c7 ce08 476c b0b4 c321c9a0f42d

House in Atsugi / Masashi Kikkawa + Hisashi Ikeda, Japan, 2014

Preview f508a635 181f 42ea b2c5 9a40f908edf8
58 points

Double-height living space features a spiral metal staircase and the original ceiling joists in this loft in Correggio, Northern Italy.

Preview d0591cf9 fe8a 4fa0 8ff7 30a28b46f555
46 points

The Ice road across Lena River in Russia

Preview e97dad6c 678f 4a6d a60e 5427625cce57

I took this photo just as lightning struck.

Preview e7478e71 3eed 4187 a865 97fb3a19dbb9

Eat fresh

Preview 628e698d 47cf 4b57 a9ed 2bdefc1491bb
83 points

Plus it will keep the food fresh!

Preview bc769289 776d 4172 bc7c 5a4e6587eb94
91 points

Some signs are hard to interpret, not this one, though. The meaning is clear. Cyclists are to blame for the fall of Christianity.

Preview 0f9992ca 2c42 4f18 9030 15964282e3b2
77 points

Making the best of our basement apartment in Baltimore MD

Preview d908dccc c68f 46ef 977d 6d2292a1db99
66 points

Bedroom and bath with glass ceiling in Carmel, California

Preview b74a13ab 0c2f 47fb b93b 6da29e537f13
50 points

When you hire a "multilingual" ad designer...

Preview 9190d1b5 189e 41a5 8ba7 785327d39b94
78 points

Low-lying mid-century-modern home renovated and extended on a verdant site, New Canaan, Connecticut

Preview f146d471 6737 43ec 89a5 c91da70f8078
42 points

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