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The floor area at Masjid an-Nabawi, Mecca

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16 points

Legend says the house was built around the ivy...

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15 points

Neighbours planning the next crusade

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10 points

That awkward moment when a goat has a nicer house than you do

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12 points

Luxury Colorado Cabin's Wine Cellar accessible from Moat behind a "Waterfall Door" that turns off by stepping on Stones

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9 points

Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

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12 points

Your mom is drying her underwear again

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14 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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11 points

Cabin's Pine glows warm from Sunlight filtering through Forest of Blue Mounds, WI

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10 points

Bird's soul leaving it's body.

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Sagrada Família Roman Catholic Church, Barcelona, Spain

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10 points

Fog in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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12 points

Nature taking over a medieval church in Ireland

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15 points

My firefighter buddy took this shot from the bottom of a fire truck ladder.

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12 points

Country Facts Series : Romania (Part II)

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Beirute Terraces, Lebanon

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12 points

Watch yo back

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12 points

Glass floor in the Tokyo Skytree

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Concrete and Glass Great Room Steps from Pacific Waves. Listed for $8.8Million in Malibu.

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13 points

How do you slice it?!!

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