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After a pigeon flew into a window...

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81 points

Just try to fucking cage me again

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Hong Kong

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Yo! Jerry is asleep again. Greg get the plastic cups!

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259 points

My niece’s veil blew off. But they caught it

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206 points

Cricket infested

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127 points

My buddy’s house got struck by lightning, caught fire, and immediately caved in.

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134 points

Timing and symmetry.

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Senior prank at School on friday

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127 points

What is this supposed to say???

Preview 53c3ad7e a21b 42aa 9316 166a927f52a3
129 points

Doll House

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95 points

29 square meter loft apartment features a staircase bookshelf and a sleeping nook above living space - located in Wroclaw, Poland.

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96 points

Open living space connected to an enclosed patio surrounded with ferns, Mexico City, Mexico

Preview fe77a448 3c0c 466c 9e17 320d7b953df6
92 points

Beautiful cottage kitchen with plenty of natural light and a view of the lake in Ontario, Canada

Preview b8add9ba bd35 4771 9432 774b9e6fcd6b
96 points

Feedback gladly excepted

Preview 68bf88fe 179d 4b7a a481 cba90cbaecf4
91 points

nope, just going to avoid this

Preview 9bdac7d9 31fe 43d4 9585 92f55c02cf69

That’s quite the squad hang out.

Preview 78b656e6 da63 4fa6 a554 23537ba4d51f

That can't be comfortable!

Preview b5c47368 42ea 433f a79f dd0bea146ec9
97 points

Cantilevered bedroom with a view in a waterfront retreat nestled into the wooded shorelines of San Juan Islands, Washington

Preview 9d1e0266 d840 48b5 8671 280fe47843b7
70 points

Someone spray painted on those stars...

Preview 2a7b9c7a a0f8 443f be89 06dd4ad0945f
102 points

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