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The British Museum in London, England.

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101 points

Under the stairs wine storage design by Brandon Architects

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154 points

An oriental castle in Burghausen an der Salzach, Germany

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63 points

Inside the home of a Saudi architect

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143 points

Inside the sanctuary of Thorncrown Chapel located in the Ozark Mountains. It measures 48 feet high, 60 feet long and a mere 24 feet wide and has a central skylight.

Preview c3a537b1 f7df 4a07 a099 e8bd48dce8e3
59 points

Cute nursey room in New Jersey by Kristin Ashley Interiors

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50 points

Jackie Gleason Round House, Cortlandt Manor, NY, USA

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69 points

Is it just me, or does the IRS building sign look like a giant Cards Against Humanity card?

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155 points

Spacious double height modern living room opening up to a patio by the pool in a wooded neighborhood, Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York

Preview 184e87d7 65c3 4258 a70b 4e2f3a7f4c58
63 points

Spot the black Labrador

Preview 4e9b19fc 3862 469b 96b6 ce2b0116113f
128 points

Transparent living area with views cantilevered over the neighborhood of Bouldin Creek, Austin, Texas

Preview 710fc9fd c12c 4010 967d 5fc929e8d5da
167 points

Metro Station, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Preview 36951db9 9ec5 48eb 8241 827ec47239ff
94 points

Winding Staircase

Preview ed38c1a0 e10b 4ff3 ac55 bf43631b880a
96 points

Shallow pond around a living space receiving natural light from a skylight in a modern open plan residence in Jakarta, Indonesia

Preview a486f3f1 c0e6 4f55 be04 20909bd1fc75
101 points

Living Room in Salt Lake City

Preview 1853871b 7667 458d a90c 0b5140902cfc
80 points

National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Preview fd1cf955 6d43 4105 be8e 406abe4bb0ca
111 points

My Loft

Preview ce32b624 1e76 4857 b216 dad7f425c315
105 points

Open air bathing area in the Marbella Club Hotel in Spain.

Preview 5017054c 8fb2 4fd5 a9ec 82f83cb128a5
88 points

Minimal living room in an architect refurbished cave house on the Greek island of Santorini

Preview 22723fc5 fa46 4c94 80bb 0c3169111de9
57 points

Beautiful Living Room

Preview 7a74d1e1 0dd9 418a a18f 03e961496732
73 points

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