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Dachshund sitting in living room layered with mid-century design furniture and wallpaper.

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This seats taken

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The new desks at our university library fit Reich in

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59 points

What an eyesore Imagine trying to sweep around that.

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60 points

Ha! I Sure Fooled Him.

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81 points

My life summed up...

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85 points

oh damn, Amazon Customer

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Usain bolt of death

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My cat took my dog's bed from her. She doesn't know how to deal.

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76 points

I need one of these

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This is the result of my managers chair after 4.5 years of putting his contacts in and drying his hands on his chair...

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89 points

Adorable Duo Travels The World To Play With Architecture

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139 points


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I need one of these

Preview a384d2fd 695a 4efd 84d8 bc4898cf3924
47 points

Where dreams and aspirations die

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257 points

Which one?

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139 points

It’s referred to as the burglars step; it’s supposed to trick the burglar into tripping and falling, therefore alerting the residents.

Preview 1ef382d5 1885 4c39 b34c a2f4202d47f2
16 points

The call of responsibility

Preview ec1cc63b 5412 4a15 bb26 ef3b2c86094a

I hope it's a dog!

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