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When you have a meeting with your boss at 10 and a fight with the Black Knight at 11.

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96 points

Sculpture made entirely out of human teeth

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71 points

My dad in the Peloponnesian War in 418 BC. Didn’t know this picture existed until I came across it randomly on the internet. He cried when he saw it. Hope this is the right place to post it.

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56 points

Imagine someone asks if you have a light and you whip out a flammenwerfer

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71 points

H&M Fails Again. Shopping for clothes for my daughters and came across this terrible idea. #Uncomfortable

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69 points

Just before the glass hits the ice ...

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Gum Anyone?

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79 points

Helping your parents with a tech problem

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68 points

store windows display in Rottach/Germany

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75 points

Dam I'm smart...

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73 points

I've seen this rock alot, but this is something.

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The new Blade Runner movie looks great

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86 points

Proof you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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55 points

This is my grandpa's job he's a craftsman from mexico :)

Preview 6a5ebfe6 2352 42d2 8466 a854ebb2d594

Times change

Preview be210d43 7a22 4c51 8a15 17fe78e2e77c
98 points

When your sword isn't effective against your enemy

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92 points

The best maternity shirt ever.

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36 points

Warning S8 spoiler alarm!

Preview 2a9cefe2 0bb0 48f2 8b42 bfea2c7709b2
96 points

Girlfriend wanted me shave hope she still likes me

Preview 162ec24d b3a5 4e75 980d 777725926b5b
80 points

F1 helmet

Preview 6211097e db73 42ed 809f e7b630d53bd2
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