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I've seen this rock alot, but this is something.

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The new Blade Runner movie looks great

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Proof you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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This is my grandpa's job he's a craftsman from mexico :)

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Times change

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When your sword isn't effective against your enemy

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The best maternity shirt ever.

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Warning S8 spoiler alarm!

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Girlfriend wanted me shave hope she still likes me

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F1 helmet

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A six pound iron ball smashed through both his breastplate and backplate

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A 3D rendering from an actual “curb stomped” homeless man from last Friday night.

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Make it longer than Daenerys please

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Winter is coming (art by RogueLiger)

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About to go medieval on yo ass

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Uploading a second world war photography everyday #45 British Recon armoured car "Humber Scout" and an A34 Comet in Northern Germany 1945.

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104 points

5 colorization from US during WWII

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A Flute Beatboxing Cover Of The "Game Of Thrones" Theme Song Is The Best Kind Of Cover


Incredible Japanese cardboard artists Monami Ohno makes amazing creations out of Amazon boxes

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It's called womanspreading. When women spread their bags all over public space. (This clearly only applies to women)

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