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My friend asked what I did today

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139 points


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124 points

Inside the home of a Saudi architect

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149 points

Mind blowing

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160 points

Can you see something else?

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150 points

Mmhmm that’s right

Preview 077c8406 f16f 4c8e 9791 81e6039e2158
132 points

Proper Birthday Party Prank

23 points

I took drunk texting my ex to a new level ‘I legit love you like you know how when someone is dead’ 🤦🏽‍♀️

Preview 00623f12 08af 43b2 a052 ff986178c19b
185 points

This review swayed our decision to buy this tent.

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191 points

This bar’s “dress code”

Preview a076c23f 25be 4540 b1df 708f2b1fffdb
147 points

An interesting title

Preview eacfe014 7376 45e3 ac35 f2e507abc107
154 points

You gotta do what you gotta do

Preview 5ef55b36 3b5b 4cd8 889c 898583737b52
110 points

In the fast lane going 75...

Preview 1254c967 5c73 4705 8517 9c10945a1e58
110 points

can you blame him though

Preview c8a55a8d bba2 48c6 95c2 5ba936a91868
80 points

Every new Redditor's biggest problem

Preview 932d7aa7 b0ce 49eb b25d 6ce97341c434
107 points

Every. Single. Time.

Preview b4d20684 4213 4027 b46b 100f41ca89cc
85 points

Any hairdressers in the area?

Preview e88b9429 dfe7 483f 9102 9365e46d8325
137 points


Preview 9336542e 6a05 4a74 916e 1cdc62db5d6b
105 points

Would’ve gone with “fornicating”

Preview 66244190 0977 40b3 b420 18ffae115ee4
104 points

The devil in me got an easy job

Preview ae772298 329c 4ba0 8681 f97fea6ac2e6
109 points

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