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Same time next week

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Do you like surreal comics? Pbfcomics are hilarious!

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You'll float too.

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I'm still trying to figure out how to become one.

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Found the Original Meme in a Castle in Scotland.

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Heart tattoos are awesome!

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Importance of Geometry in Islamic Architecture

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The sun seen through UV lens!

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I see what you did there flash

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Rare Conjoined Bat Twins Found in Brazil

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Well he is trying his best..

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Nice view

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Yeesh, way to ruin a night

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Sometimes they are in Russian.

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Suck my duck

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Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

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This artist make graffiti which f**ks with your eyes

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How do you slice it?!!

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Can You Guess Which One Is Real? It Is Unbelievable That One Of Them Is Hand-Drawn!

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