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Trump's latest tweet

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3 different kinds of pet owners

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111 points

Nobody likes reverse centaur

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108 points

An ancient Native American mummy discovered in Utah before and after being "restored" with caustic potash in the early 1900s.

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81 points

PSA: Tornado Safety

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83 points

Dear Abby,

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51 points

My son got detention. Can't even be mad.

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66 points

So meowch truth

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56 points

What will you do for April Fools Day?

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80 points

Well it's not wrong...

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49 points

If you f**k a girl that's gay because she has 50% of her dads genes

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70 points

Common courtesy

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111 points

Stop the abuse!

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Simply Heartbreaking

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106 points

Should of been implemented already

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111 points

And rocked the stache 39 of them.

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138 points

Blockbuster Aren't Football Fans

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102 points

Super Bowl guide

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82 points

Just landed in Texas... saw a useful warning from the local Sherif’s office

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80 points

Disney bought fox. Xenomorphs come from a queen. Soooo....

Preview bbc69d2b c9f8 458a 9145 9c5636c263f3
85 points

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