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Nikola Tesla. #Historypic3

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Niggu wut ??

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I posted this five years ago on facebook, still relevant.

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Broken Dreams.....

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The Sun through an ultraviolet lens!

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Just saw this. I think you guys should see it too

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When you show your fetish to your grandfather

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My version of Finn and Jake from Adventure Time

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The face of no ragrets

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Wonder Women drawn by my wife. What do you think?

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But yet, piglet follows along

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Super Squanch Bros

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Acid Jazz- oil/acrylic-60'' X 40''- Stephen D. Ferris

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4 years ago vs. today - drawing on a lunch bag (almost) everyday.

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Forget the royal ball...

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*continues masturbating*

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Hand holding Reflective Sphere sketch

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