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Death goals

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Every Major "Game Of Thrones" Death Beautifully Drawn With Hand Is Simply Amazing!


Corny jokes all the way

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Having A Stressful Day? This Pottery Video Is Extremely Relaxing And Satisfying To Watch

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No caption needed. happy new year.

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Nicely Done LEGO Printer Is Amazing

197 points

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History (NSFW)

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Been re-watching this masterpiece. No regrets.

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Give me your worst (or funniest) "ran into your ex" story

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These Sexy Surfer Girls Aren’t Wearing Wetsuits, That’s Body Paint You’re Seeing (NSFW)

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372 points

The most savage post I've seen today...

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212 points

Guy Turn Himself And His Shiba To Be "Beauty And The Beast" Is Astonishing

247 points

Whatcha doing there buddy?

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Beyoncé makes an appearance in Power Rangers

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The Bob Ross Of Glow-In-The-Dark Drawing

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Squeaking This Amazing Japanese Dovetail Joint Into Place Is So Comforting

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Make my girl happy. (She got talent to be honest)

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