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20 points

Any hairdressers in the area?

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99 points


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84 points

Would’ve gone with “fornicating”

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79 points

The devil in me got an easy job

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86 points

This poster in a tramstation in Norway

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87 points

Stay safe!

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69 points

Why men shouldn't write advice columns

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59 points

I think I'll stay on the ground, thanks


My buddy went to Coachella last night

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100 points

Vegan Protest Prank


My grandmother has had this up in her house for 30+ years. Just noticed she pasted her face over Scarlet O’Hara

Preview 3c177a00 fc2a 4e45 841d 3173484c8306
77 points

Jesus, would you look at the time

Preview c3dc31cb 584c 41fe 911e 49eb8ecf927b
83 points

Find the Deadpool

Preview 96adc769 3c6c 4a6c 9a88 55e1bbbb8b5e
83 points

How to Make Tea

Preview 9b08dd21 f113 480b 95ce 781ee3c8291b
88 points

Now it makes sense...

Preview 24556188 601a 49fe 97e6 3890433a0cb9
90 points

He dried for our sins...

Preview 37bb2ca8 2f8e 420a 92ca 353d0ecda5b7
93 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

Preview f5b58989 8dbc 49fe ab6f eaec0cdba4b2

Reddit in a nutshell

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56 points

Get in

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