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I can see it, coming in the air tonight, oh Lord....

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151 points

Meat not meth taken in mt. Home Arkansas of all places.

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201 points

This sidewalk is really REALLY closed

Preview d8974b37 cdc4 454a 8aef d1d88b55e862
211 points

Macaque pillaging a trash can

Preview c5212c9d f9b0 4263 a5e3 b5f44714139f
156 points

When you run into a cloud of mosquitos at 80mph 😂

Preview fe92f5e2 aff4 4890 838d 375f7dd0799c
132 points

The same old fears

Preview ee55d2c6 7843 4294 b67f 61a8939bc58d
76 points

The storm shelter of the house my mom just moved into.

Preview 2550bc86 478d 458a 92b5 4bf7b0665d07
92 points

Apologies Accepted.

Preview 06f996e2 b23c 4427 bf52 ad805980bd5b
151 points

A-a-and we got ya'

Preview e9436d36 a580 4e7d b72d 1c52c1cc0b77
63 points

Isn't nature beautiful?

Preview b6519065 be0f 4cfe 827d 18334e620642
136 points

My downtown church puts out a water bowl for all animals to enjoy...all except one.

Preview e33b17d0 98e2 4b63 9f0e ce5c512bda1b
131 points


Preview 308ae7f8 3606 4367 8548 ea6db503292b
138 points

They really raised the bar with this help wanted sign

Preview fc16fcf3 f493 4951 94cd 7b94cf87b467
120 points

Street art?

Preview 69f32b36 c5d7 4236 a140 c6762c423f39
87 points

Neighbor rolls a phat J right on the sidewalk

Preview 2439abbb ce56 42bf 86ce ac02bbbcff2a
124 points

Yard sale

Preview 81e8c96e 1334 4d67 89ce bde12b112264
109 points

I'm there!

Preview c98a7188 2f73 42be 88ac 499db70ca341
74 points

This shadow’s perfect fit

Preview c357b8bf 1fbd 47ff 9398 994fa608e4ca
106 points

"I brake suddenly for tailgaters"

Preview 48d7e236 3773 4bac 9221 8e840cb3968d
114 points

This claw crane in Ukraine.

Preview 0572f912 00c4 4915 bc17 e7b8970b75f1
99 points

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