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I Like the Cut of This Person's Jib

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63 points

Spotted near the Mexican border in San Diego...

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70 points

The one photo in my collection that ALWAYS makes me laugh

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37 points

Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

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49 points

I figure the tall one is their leader.

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40 points


Preview f791f991 26b6 456c 8760 09bacafeb77a
20 points

Pug driving a VW bus in google streetview

Preview 4b7358e0 26fd 47f8 b354 6adb9752af8e
68 points

A glitch in the matrix

Preview 85fd7235 2a50 45ae a8d8 959c2c4cf49c

Norge way the milky

Preview 4f919e9a 7b06 4f8a be95 4c90f6ddc703
10 points

Some people aren’t ashamed of it

Preview 14c59b6d bf78 4af8 9ab6 4174c503a251
19 points

In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

Preview ea212822 e51a 4ea3 9149 682f36b3c4be
73 points

Pure class

Preview bd2686a6 2bee 4906 84cf bbc96cdd97bc
11 points

This car has an exhaust pipe?

Preview b7c0b006 3c24 48c3 a9a6 32bca065988b
24 points

I see you, Vlad the Impala

Preview 6d223fea 8873 45d6 8aad fc5ad9a2b406
38 points

Sunset reflecting off the rails

Preview 100a96fb cf85 47d8 be07 c0df2a89d421
13 points

Swiss mountain coaster. #datview

Preview 67f8e9ba 167c 41b2 8136 62ed922f0c0f
20 points

You shall not pass!

Preview 67928088 0429 4d8a 9dfd 29f78f7d6403

One of the Not my job awards going to slovakia

Preview 6ad2e078 580b 427d 937a 38f05ce118b5
15 points

On the highway.....

Preview 358bf11e 6c1f 4c52 97e8 1d8e6f8ef0b0
18 points

Spotted in the mall parking lot.

Preview fbbb5598 aca1 495e 99d9 747386fa5adc
24 points

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