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A google car and a bing car passed each other while recording

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172 points

Something is wrong here

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198 points


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213 points

My eye!

Preview 312e94bf 9272 4bc5 a75c 38897b3a64f7
88 points

Someone was very, very, upset

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93 points

Not my job either..

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135 points

If you feel uselees think about this rear window cleaner

Preview 6447b970 aa35 4d34 896e a655bee4ab53
209 points

Should I press it?

Preview 09076c3b 8856 4bbe 9cb3 a7c2c7dcf716
100 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

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139 points

Found this today, justice has been served

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163 points

My neighbors said they would be filming a "movie". Not really what I had in mind.

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200 points

Well well well

Preview a11e1beb 28ee 454b 9981 3be8a6866960
90 points

Rain forest

Preview d4424d8e 7409 471d b3e5 b1669980b47b
105 points


Preview 0bad8eca aeaa 4759 ab7b 2f8eda764beb
86 points

That isn't normal

Preview 10e7a35b f177 4ca5 8a76 9378e638d161
98 points

Came out to find that someone had shitted and vomited next to my car during the night.

Preview cd527572 c86c 42d9 8e9a 7f9fbdf065fd
95 points

The road you get for 1M Euros in my country

Preview 8ac75531 b19d 45d0 8f1d afe0c8db47ca
89 points

Well done... just one thing....

Preview 3c366692 c1ba 4322 b421 99a085b9f44e
93 points

69 charger

Preview 7255740e 261a 41da ad05 49ba2839dc4b
54 points

Nice try death! But I've seen final destination

Preview 20e72570 9d4b 4f15 8743 1ef2521aaa60
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