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Dad heard and felt some debris on top for the longest...

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113 points

This road on my way to colorado

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80 points

Utah Drivers

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118 points

Saw this guy driving out of the Home Depot parking lot yesterday

Preview bc2f8f17 02e5 44c6 b1b2 4a83c343eeaa
132 points

This truck is transporting 5 portapotties secured with only one teather... at 81mph

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Two gravestones embedded in the runway at an airport in Savannah, GA USA

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183 points

Two twins, and a queen

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109 points

A few years ago i took a picture while my friend spilled his drink.

Preview d1b81ab6 7a06 4dd9 8794 3e44fabea006
103 points

I guess it is good camouflage.

Preview 51379495 4efd 44c2 8c73 d57fbde710fe
88 points

Useless Service: Un-Handyman

Preview 4968a803 c3bf 40ed 8e08 6682cba9e7b4
180 points

I Like the Cut of This Person's Jib

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90 points

Spotted near the Mexican border in San Diego...

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173 points

The one photo in my collection that ALWAYS makes me laugh

Preview b91b4abf ea5f 4b2a a621 b0de251c62f3
65 points

Taught GF my hobby of finding accidentally funny license plates. She just sent this. So proud

Preview a8198564 1c27 4f0e bf19 335b262aaa31
86 points

I figure the tall one is their leader.

Preview 414d77e0 db99 4cc6 99a2 5dd95b778ca1
64 points


Preview f791f991 26b6 456c 8760 09bacafeb77a
94 points

Pug driving a VW bus in google streetview

Preview 4b7358e0 26fd 47f8 b354 6adb9752af8e
94 points

A glitch in the matrix

Preview 85fd7235 2a50 45ae a8d8 959c2c4cf49c
110 points

Norge way the milky

Preview 4f919e9a 7b06 4f8a be95 4c90f6ddc703
65 points

Some people aren’t ashamed of it

Preview 14c59b6d bf78 4af8 9ab6 4174c503a251
112 points

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