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"Infinity Mirror" Room exhibit from Cleveland Museum of Art

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Thought this might be appreciated

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Floating in Space

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In 'Plane' Sight

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Be like star

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Amazing Timing

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No one ever said it was a moon...

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The Rising of the Moon. South Pole.

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X-post from mildlyinteresting.

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My dad has recently become pretty good at combining his love of train photography with his new interest in star photography!

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Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

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Eclipse diamond shot from Tennessee

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If God created the Sun in the fourth day...

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Milky Way over Northern Ural, Russia

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Lava under the night sky

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My dad, an amateur photographer, caught some INCREDIBLE eclipse pictures from one of the areas in 100% totality, Greenville, SC. I think the

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This is by far the best shot taken of the eclipse

Preview 1fa211f8 b782 4f9d 8dec db814438dd7f
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Another one from Sun Valley, Idaho

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Beautiful new moon

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