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Beautiful new moon

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7 points

I'm in Japan so we see the eclipse a day before you guys in the US. Enjoy!

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17 points

I think we missed one of the biggest astronomical Marvels

Preview bc7014b2 56dd 491b 818e 7c07e259186a
21 points

This is my fav solar eclipse pic

Preview bb82f376 770a 4624 aeaf 8e717cf13f49
13 points

No.. Just No

Preview ed4edf29 5547 4cff b26f 966aa02c46bc
21 points

Set my camera on a tripod and tried to get a shot of myself observing the stars last night.

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Imma goofie goobah!

Preview 78431357 bfaa 46a1 87b2 f50a0a922ea7
75 points

The Titanic compared to a modern day cruise ship

Preview 0e5543a3 10d8 40e1 ae1b be31c2a896c4
70 points

The view from our campsite in the Sahara Desert

Preview 20be7793 25fc 45f1 b170 b920f2eede06
14 points

Can we reschedule the sun?

Preview 29e9e9d7 c1fb 442e a812 3359b7197236
14 points

NASA Photo Of Eclipse From Space

Preview a167cc6f f9e5 4d7c af5b 56384855b3ee
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Preview 74332d92 a89a 443c 99bd 6f24a909c9ba

Little fella was really patient!

Preview 9c2d4445 8942 4052 afaa 5459002a0322
12 points

Eclipse 2017

Preview 71aeaa65 48ec 4a81 a416 5f5bcc7d711c
12 points

Beautiful star show from right outside my tent in the Yukon

Preview 246afe05 60be 4103 aba3 ef8e485c86c0
17 points

The moon's shadow of today's eclipse seen from the international space station

Preview ec06c4c9 052d 40a3 bf8c b62c4cd34f6b
20 points

That's quite impressive

Preview 9ed3168b 5829 4fab a9a0 3e4e48339dad
11 points

Wallpaper of the day

Preview 93d981a7 a668 4cf5 a1ac 70d8d1f94daa
8 points

A Jet Photobombing My Picture of the Eclipse

Preview ef0546e4 3935 438a 92e5 638df8fe3973
20 points

Thanks Hollywood

Preview 283dc4de 7a1c 4408 b67c 702f0bfdb241
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