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There must be an easier way to inflate a balloon

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He was just another dude in the room

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14 points

What running actively for a year does to your body

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11 points

Dude, for real ?

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Just saying

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Both the most awesome and the worst tattoo

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55 points

The most important stat...

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This guy high-fived "The Todd" from Scrubs while dressed as The Todd

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64 points

"Glass being shattered from hockey check."

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Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams - 1966

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67 points

You guys thought the fat guy was the ball eh?

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The post describes itself

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This excellently timed photo of my grandpa during a fight

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Goodnight everyone

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10 points

Adobe Acrobat Reader

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12 points

Vegetarian bodybuilder

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12 points

Vegetarian bodybuilder

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Vegetarian body builder.

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