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Girl gets hit in the face and transforms into an old man

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134 points

Hockey stick looks like a selfie stick

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120 points

In 1979 Robin Williams became the first ever male cheerleader for the Denver Broncos football team.

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200 points

Behind the scenes peek at the usual training routine of some Hollywood actors

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228 points

Sometimes Skip Leg Day

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166 points

Only 2 girls, as he can count only till 2

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113 points

Who Wore It Best?

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97 points

This guy slaps your girls butt, what do yo do?

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307 points

Vin Diesel vs Vin Petrol

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142 points

Kid having trouble concentrating on the game

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118 points

When your face hits the pavement

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127 points

One paper cut and he is done

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140 points

Caption this

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109 points

Not hard to guess I guess

Preview 7c053e42 0c41 4828 ad90 aac9e937e065
87 points

Imagine the possibilities

Preview a08a78b7 fa54 407b 9206 95bdab60abcd

He's always scouting for new talent

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89 points

Never judge a book by it's cover

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226 points

This Venezuelan Skier Might Be The Worst Skier Ever, But He's An Inspiration To Us All

203 points
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100 points

Toe toe toe

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