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The Strong League

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22 points

Best shirt ever!

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22 points

Perfect pic from last night's fight.

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Fans of the vampire team

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19 points

W o a h

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17 points

This man is a legend.

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20 points

Richard Sandrak at 10 years old

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12 points

My boy made the team

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2:50. Perfect mustache time

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Balancing Act

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But... why not ?

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22 points

This guy holding a cut out cardboard of his face expression. Priceless.

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20 points

sweater puppies!!!!

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16 points

Kartans, not minte

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23 points

Dad reflexes

Preview 69559512 1b29 41ee 98e0 b354cc2a6185
24 points

The way my friend jumped before a race looks like he's riding an invisible motorcycle.

Preview eeb74d57 4542 4d79 8449 97eb49031b94

Do you even lift bro?

Preview fe34c6c7 ed26 4217 acb7 5e480d673797
21 points

Bali United players celebrated a goal in the best way to answer intolerance issue in Indonesia

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2 points

Did you know?

Preview 95405953 ea04 41e5 9c08 f5fe4bc6c160
17 points

Lol. It Evil.

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15 points

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