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Bruce McCandless II, “free-flying” 320 ft from his orbiter, further than any previous astronaut.

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If God created the Sun in the fourth day...

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64 points

Fog waves

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20 points

I think we missed one of the biggest astronomical Marvels

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61 points

I captured the sunset while I was in the canoe.

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43 points

The size of hurricane Irma!

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A few friends sent a weather balloon up to 100k feet to photograph the eclipse over Oregon

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45 points

The sun and birds are smiling back

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55 points

Inside Irma's Eye

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Perfect timing

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9 points

Eclipse landscape Hartsburg, Missouri

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127 points

Why giraffes can't play hide and seek

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20 points

Took this photo of the moon recently

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Darjeeling at night

Preview c935c3fc a5f3 4079 a0a7 ad10bcff6462

My bus stop for school how lucky

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Cloud man fires small dogs from his mouth

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15 points

The beauty of the sea

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My tiny town in Poland in winter... Photo by me

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