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22 points

Loved the halftime show!

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105 points

It's unending.

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68 points

Puggy blinders

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43 points

Never worry about losing your hair ties again!

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87 points

Got it

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58 points

Perfect selfie 🤳🏻

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My childhood bedroom light switch. Still can't bring myself to watch IT.

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87 points

Woman has four balloons implanted in her face so dangerous birthmark can removed and replaced with expanded skin

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251 points

It all makes sense now

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20 points

Well damn

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19 points

The outside world is so big when you're only 3lbs..

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23 points

Vlad the Inhaler

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52 points

I hope this new LinkedIn picture will help me find a job

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60 points

Life gave you lemons

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70 points

Googly eyes really makes character expressions better

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20 points

Skulls of people, one a child, who was afflicted with hydrocephalus

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113 points

In 2015, a Minneapolis woman noticed a strange man walking through her front yard while carrying an ax. Here is his mugshot.

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110 points

These women are related, in fact they are twins

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128 points

Well she is a fan!

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