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I see your No Kids and raise you cats, lots of cats.

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15 points

When you've leveled-up from stationeries and stuffed toys.

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10 points

Sticker shock

Preview 8ff85da9 0806 43de b70a a4a0c80fb6a7
10 points

He will find you!

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21 points

Phone was falling off my steering wheel

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There's a third option besides burial and cremation

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54 points


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47 points

There’s a grown ass man in my town that has an obsession with the Bible

Preview f18d18dd fc60 49d4 9bab e5887f5a4148
93 points

This is exactly why Darwin Awards exist

Preview 42c133bf 5768 4bd9 b24d 81b132da4b43
23 points

The Excarcist

Preview f6162a26 48ed 456f 84e3 39cf432f6be4
21 points

F**k the po... that ass!

Preview e57889cc cf0b 48d4 a896 a2edae97eae6
24 points

this guy gets it

Preview 1f05ea8b 44d8 4882 9d95 b4af9e0006df
22 points

From r/funny

Preview 27d4c450 f1b8 4dc7 9a63 4457fca3ab18

This parking job.

Preview 9204fc9e 4f9c 471e a858 46c1e35a07e0
12 points

Leaving the movie theater I see this with nothing else around it. I'm confused.

Preview 0047c399 0e6c 4988 8ebe 1dbb1572645c
21 points

Can't trust anyone these days...

Preview 01714211 2623 43a5 80be 800b2f2f1cb9
21 points

I think you might've, uh.. hit something there..

Preview ea185f58 5aa2 4bb7 aff7 1735ac1e2168
21 points

The gear shift of the car that I am painting looks like it might be hunting for Sarah Connor later on today

Preview 7b3976e0 b863 43b7 b631 29ebde1fb964
22 points

How sad

Preview c3c41b2b e953 430e a981 59aae6697a4d
19 points

I saw about half a Mercedes driving down the road today.

Preview 73a6843e 5b97 4f07 9721 3bf59073c761
24 points

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