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Seems legit

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16 points

Call the cops!!!

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12 points

This car and this color!!!

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13 points

When you're low key trying to offend everyone on the road.

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20 points

Royal Mail's new electric delivery van is just the cutest

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17 points

2017 Camaro ZL1 !

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7 points

This man matches his car perfectly

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9 points

Minty af

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13 points

The Head Chef for a dining hall at my school drives this..

Preview 44bf1d27 c4ba 4e52 8959 0fd2f0e1a5ed
11 points

I sold this '58 VW Bug in 1994 when my son was 2 years old. Found it for sale on Craigslist and bought it back.

Preview c03112aa 4dbb 43f2 89dd 3d4d9a82caa4
140 points

Someone drove this car into a parking lot more than 500 feet on a rotor and left her right where she landed.

Preview dd4bdd8f 326d 4cef 8cc6 e49aa99c51c9
2 points

I found this near my school

Preview 05a240b5 35f1 4482 9ba3 92d358e03d43
4 points

This police car in my town

Preview 4f9fe6b1 f052 4681 918d 6beaf082756f
13 points

Nice one lamborgini nice one

Preview f1006fc4 bca8 4a59 804c c34da8c6ed0c
2 points

'57 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider.

Preview fb24fe8c 1c1f 4418 b3ea 9eded600e4b5
14 points

For all you muscle car junkies, here's my baby

Preview 48e2563b 6419 4418 a701 c9500aa8c11f
14 points

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. Best Muscle car ever if you ask me..

Preview 906f9587 24b0 4ba2 8ba1 129896c5f22c
15 points

Zonda Cinque in this beautiful Spec

Preview bdb8c87e b801 48e6 8854 bffb29539660
11 points

Phat 🍑

Preview 2df33aaf 8b66 4313 a00c 5c0680071172
13 points

Military Green Hellcat

Preview b60c2f7f 93a4 4e40 b3be f2d0f13a47c3
14 points

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