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I bet it was some crazy ex

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Meanwhile in parallel universe

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

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4 points

Military Green Mustang 🐊

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10 points

Car faces, cannot unsee

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11 points

Back away slowly...

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Roadrage doggo

Preview fbe03bd3 ac1d 4ff4 b8b7 1a4446d6fb3c
5 points

Instructions unclear: F**ked a hamster

Preview f0eeb14f fda9 4eed 874d 9761a60c39a7
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We really need a car section

Preview 0eb91e94 6108 45a3 a5e6 9f1ea86eb316
3 points

I want this sticker.

Preview 7c22e26e 51d6 4789 8b10 42e45a8720a4
4 points

Nailed it. Argh... screw it

Preview 1fb19d67 a35a 4ec7 888b 7901a82c81bf
136 points

1000hp Mansory Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe Black Edition

Preview bd8cc72b 7efd 4dae ad0e ab6c777e159c
197 points

No words...

Preview 2e7b8573 3e45 4521 aab7 0bcf106fdf09
131 points

Ford gt

Preview 72ddcb91 d318 44ad 92ce ae6dec45c0a4
147 points

Found this today, justice has been served

Preview 64d81030 473f 4cd9 b704 d410c149cbe8
179 points

My neighbors said they would be filming a "movie". Not really what I had in mind.

Preview 8c1f9b89 ad25 4506 831f 7b1b51fbe1b4
216 points

In what world would this be necessary?

Preview c81c9444 2d55 4f6d 98f9 c14b94c433bd
131 points

There were, in fact, 7 pickaxes in the car, not 5.

Preview debd4544 36a7 4dcc aaa8 493223a29aad
127 points

Typical neckbeard vanity plate

Preview dd22dcd2 fc81 4cd9 b906 e4a8ce0f8c8b
84 points

Modern slavery

Preview abf619d9 a4a2 4916 8b73 d0fb693624dc
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