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Nailed it. Argh... screw it

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131 points

1000hp Mansory Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe Black Edition

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193 points

No words...

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124 points

Ford gt

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135 points

Found this today, justice has been served

Preview 64d81030 473f 4cd9 b704 d410c149cbe8
166 points

My neighbors said they would be filming a "movie". Not really what I had in mind.

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204 points

In what world would this be necessary?

Preview c81c9444 2d55 4f6d 98f9 c14b94c433bd
125 points

There were, in fact, 7 pickaxes in the car, not 5.

Preview debd4544 36a7 4dcc aaa8 493223a29aad
116 points

Typical neckbeard vanity plate

Preview dd22dcd2 fc81 4cd9 b906 e4a8ce0f8c8b
76 points

Modern slavery

Preview abf619d9 a4a2 4916 8b73 d0fb693624dc
103 points

1969 toyota 2000gt

Preview d6e00a6a 3abb 468d a1f6 5ad20513fe8a
161 points

That moment when you visit a Porsche museum and find Sally Carrera.

Preview bde25d16 a96a 4973 9892 c2b84ece42a0
164 points

4 door car converted to 2 door car

Preview 0b4415b9 9111 4c27 a943 6428e1800bcd
73 points

Mad scientist alert.

Preview 62302667 4a3d 4e4c a8c8 71c62bfbdc1b
69 points

Round #3: What car is this?

Preview 912004aa b907 40d9 a8d4 52610f647716
83 points

Uglyest car in history

Preview e9c85433 b1a1 456e 9814 1c30dade763a
158 points

Dad has got a surprise for christmas

Preview cbd9b688 838f 420c af8d 29963d346b27
190 points

No chill - paint job

Preview 9c0538c4 c18b 4984 a380 451e1e78fa39
159 points

When you realize you f**ked up.

Preview 6e79060a 9898 488a b7dd 06120d0b4287
168 points

Emma Stone

Preview 54f4ab5a 725c 4be2 b1cd 5f9639a86cb0
105 points

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