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Iraq In April of 2004. Our convoy was stopped on the side of the road, was able to grab my camera right as this Apache flew overhead.

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Airplane reflection on a cloud surrounded by a rainbow.

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Crosswind landings and aircraft go-arounds during stormy weather.


Coming in a little low....

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This causes emergency landing

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This great shot.

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Trying to land a helicopter on a boat in stormy seas


The hair of this guy on Alaskan Airways lines up perfectly with the mountains in Nevada

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People are trolling United Airlines with these brutal new slogans (Add yours)

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Argentine jet low fly-by



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This All-Electric Powered Lilium Jet Is The Flying Car We've Been Waiting For

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WATCH: Guy Takes His Bulldog On A Helicopter Ride For His Birthday

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Gorgeous Aerial Footage Makes Will You Want To Spend All Your Money On A Jetpack

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Thirsty plane

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