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Walking through the grocery store and...

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I'm a little concerned about my sister's future...

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24 points

And we are as happy as can be!!!

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You cost me an arm baby

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16 points

My buddy’s toenail.

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Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.

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17 points

Kid learned the truth too early

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Found This in my attic.

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Damn it,kim. (not mine)

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My sister's creepy ultrasound while she was still in utero. The back of the photo says "Aw, she's looking up at us. Two eye sockets and a smile."

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It would not be nice. To sit alone in the theatre

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Pink beans

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Gotta get that cheesecake

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The sad thing is, leftist will never listen and more children will have their entire lives ruined in the name of a twisted ideology

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Are you?

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My Best friend went to sleep 4ever yesterday, I miss her so much

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21 points

So my doctor told me to test the sedatives on my cat prior to his first plane ride.....

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19 points

I opened the door too quickly

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10 points

The Baker Wouldn't Send Us a Picture of the Cake Topper Until the Day of the Wedding... We Soon Found Out Why

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