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I’m always right when will you learn

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118 points

All the lol’s

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199 points

Poor baby

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169 points

Found this little guy in a museum

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109 points

I feel ya, baby.

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128 points

When you get any surprise

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153 points

When your friend with glasses takes his glasses off

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143 points


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122 points

Oh look, a lemon..

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99 points

Basset hounds don’t “play,” baby emu.


Not again

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125 points

My son usually only reveals this form when he isn’t getting something he wants.

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121 points

Recently broke up with my girlfriend and I’m totally okay...

Preview 7f29ba75 21c5 4c74 9030 749a00011267
221 points

The pain is real

Preview fe88625a 265c 4260 9909 ceea330eaa74
106 points

Me when I was 10 getting bit by my dog

Preview 219388c4 1536 41a3 a7bf f594fdbcf560

That face when the pizza rolls are ready

Preview c97f2499 9425 4cfd 90f5 9f92efb1b60c
53 points

Adding bars can make a difference

Preview cfe69bd2 62bb 4155 9057 4c2369287dc9
174 points

Going into work after not sleeping all weekend like

Preview fe33d35c dc73 4b12 9391 118253096b1a
100 points

For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

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119 points

Vegan Protest Prank

89 points

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