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About 5 years ago, I put googly eyes on a picture of my brother as a baby. They're still there to this day.

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I knew it

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Our newest granddaughter was born 2 hours ago. Clearly she will be a handful.

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Lost my helium-balloon 20 xmas ago

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But first, let me take a selfie!

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Goddammit Gary!

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i love my sweet friend

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Early 1900's Santa Claus

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No worries mate

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Damnit Billy

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When the kid wakes up

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Do not discriminate long live equally

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When pigs fly

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Sorry you’re injured, human. JKJKJK!

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Adorable 😍

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This is lucky. he was a weirdo but also very loveable for a pet that use to be abused by his previous owners. RIP

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My parents haven't noticed.

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It's not medicine, it's Pepsi

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i think her mirror is broken...

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My sister tried to take a cute picture of my nephew... he delivered.

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