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Too true XD

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Purrfection 🐈

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Gordon Ramsey, Jr.

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Realistic silicone babies are the stuff of nightmares

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1. read 2. save 3. never look at it again

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Baby doll with skin rash/visible veins...wtf

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I have a thrombosed skin tag on the back of my leg. Apparently this is normal.

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Stuffed Piggie survives 25 years of captivity.

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12 points

What is love

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X-Post from r/the_donald

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How to torture people from different cultures

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Elmo knows where you live...

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Pizza is sharing, pizza is caring

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This is him now.

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What? I'm not spoiled!

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Uh thanks I guess

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Everyday we stray further from God!

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Hey! Be quiet!! I'm tryna sleep here!!!

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Happens to me everytime

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