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Painful Soccer Kick

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149 points

The real reason the Kardashians plague our planet

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104 points

Just seconds before my son wrecked this kids face

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151 points


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water prank! GONE WRONG

135 points

“Just do it”

Preview fdf69926 7beb 4454 9301 5612c6155bb1

Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Preview 9af52ec6 e82f 4716 9926 644be7154d5c
151 points

Lady Gaga has more super bowl catches than Tom Brady

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111 points

Wheeling down Lion's Back in Moab.


That moment when it’s too late to change your mind.

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139 points


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142 points

Send nudes

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614 points

German Police during a test mission to counter a terrorist attack with bacteria.

Preview b8375c16 0f63 4c37 98be 185dd9414945

Roughest sport I ever played!

Preview a66a649f 81b2 4da8 9fa6 d05b8e9be284
94 points

Somebody be my friend please

Preview 1446a45b 6df9 47dc b4f2 3a1d51a7d051
47 points

Look at those ankles!!

Preview f53c5db7 b64e 4707 97f3 ffcbe7c5313b
97 points

After the purge, they apologize each other

Preview f7cda4ea 474b 4c48 8069 23b5e0411416
114 points

That's not a number?!?

Preview 088a9aab cbe1 42cc 90b4 65fb3e2b52b3
111 points

Kid Does Backflips In Walmart

104 points

"Hey human, I don't remember giving you permission to read my book."


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