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Cat5 Hurricane

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69 points

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

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21 points

I can assure you...

Preview 71a9c9a9 c89c 4b0c 92d9 ace0aa173ba0
44 points

FINALLY, a country that cares about light pollution!

Preview a47e2ad5 8a1b 48c6 8da4 831c79c8bcc9
22 points

Even Lithuania and Portugal in Crossover

Preview ce416424 396f 468a 82eb 6d39d269a22e

Coincidence? I think not.

Preview 7c2aa01a f5d3 46db 8449 dea1531c9288

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

Preview 6cd4a962 261c 426f a03c ca30b74deca2

This guy won Jeopardy today with $1.

Preview ae2892c4 1bee 4f05 b4bc 0c82cc3cf7be
79 points

Panda diplomacy

Preview 29e49876 2191 44b1 adc7 4e3811284182
39 points

My dog carries multiple pieces of his food to the rug to eat when he’s ready. Inevitably I end up stepping on it. It feels similar to stepping on little rocks

Preview 01e780e5 30be 4565 b738 1d01fa5b1b41

my friend was playing a pirated game and got this unexpected message lol

Preview 57c109dc e474 4c1c 9ed5 a64e59bc0b9d

Click the tags to go to the sections

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19 points

A classic.

Preview 6ddfff2c bce0 4e63 aa96 fb9329a47304
24 points

Mindf**k Movies (Part-I)

Preview 6c79fb4c 9687 41af 813e c9458f8f1217

Just disappointed

Preview 9dff3419 1725 437e afbd 23f8d9269977
48 points

Come to the dark side

Preview c46b75ed 3917 4295 9a3c 8d7c01cdaa28
9 points

Aerial view of a scrap tire dumpyard

Preview 9151f799 bbaf 4115 a2b0 386411bd25f8
88 points

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Preview a33e0bc0 38f7 4611 a04f 8dfd52728ed0

Learning from a tomato

Preview b58231f6 7710 4443 9363 649bbf47877f
5 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

Preview f2c70060 e1df 4fe4 b309 786b25aed9b6
23 points

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