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66 points

Been in that rabbit costume a couple times

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108 points

Its pissing rain in Colorado today

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89 points

Something seems familiar about this

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112 points

Your porn is safe from now on.

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98 points

Disney knows wats up

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Got me for a second

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107 points

Sorry, today's Google Doodle, all I see is Space Hitler

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72 points

I noticed there were a lot of apps with lettered logos so... Speaks for itself.

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58 points

I know what you are...

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107 points

The krusty krab pizza

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98 points

What? Surely, you'd rather watch me.

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Cat5 Hurricane

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123 points

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

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110 points

I can assure you...

Preview 71a9c9a9 c89c 4b0c 92d9 ace0aa173ba0
57 points

FINALLY, a country that cares about light pollution!

Preview a47e2ad5 8a1b 48c6 8da4 831c79c8bcc9
74 points

Even Lithuania and Portugal in Crossover

Preview ce416424 396f 468a 82eb 6d39d269a22e

Coincidence? I think not.

Preview 7c2aa01a f5d3 46db 8449 dea1531c9288

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

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