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Two surfers catching waves under the pier

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This enormous sand dunes is 🔥

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57 points

The most majestic 🅱️oi ever witnessed

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An eclipse and a sunset happening at the same time.

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My dads backyard minutes before evacuation during the corona fire on Sierre Del Oro community.

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65 points

I took a picture for a competition. Topic was 'I speak on behalf of the trees.'

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95 points

Alberta, Canada

Preview 36799421 e4af 4b52 b3b6 f3a975213848

Took a picture for a school competition. Topic was 'I speak on behalf of the trees'.

Preview 3a0c9faa 332c 40ed a845 59f4f2415fbf
113 points

A lake, hiding in the forest after sunset.

Preview b4f1029c 3c17 4637 8b48 2dd284d9b11a
51 points

Rare picture of Great Britain leaving the EU

Preview fa28d8a4 4c86 4bb5 8e66 76c3f1f1c000
14 points

My wife took this pic of my dad and my son on vacation. I love it!

Preview 66c82875 a128 4183 ab21 166a541be581
125 points

Meanwhile on planet Mars (French troops in Mali)

Preview cfe8fe82 81d0 4b66 8aa4 c6c8154af3f9
20 points

Wallpaper of the day

Preview d868dd01 4400 4ef1 b0dd 67021af2f165
22 points

Beautiful Nature

Preview 3fb775f0 b68e 42d0 b09b 6db56b93b961
225 points

From the sky. Leaving Texas.

Preview dce42251 24af 494f 9418 b95a149881d2
80 points

Fog makes things woah

Preview 495400f7 9a96 4fa0 b847 5d3383d4063e
48 points

Beautifulness by Dominic Liam

Preview 9cb482b4 43a4 4576 83c0 9423d6f0b804
13 points

This mosquito froze here 3 months ago, I keep him as a warning to others that might try to enter my house.

Preview 53229402 e87f 460d 94c3 45d34de542dc
236 points

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