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Rock Lee’s hair spells “NINJA”

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24 points

It's just a Prank bro

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69 points

My friend had a medieval themed wedding and her grandpa showed up like this.

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17 points

Tons of money on cat condos and beds and they do this.

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My manager ordered this purse from JCPenney. There was a full diaper inside.

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21 points

Just give up

Preview 213a87ce dedb 413d 97ea 927326b2f733
24 points

Good news, everybody! The solar eclipse glasses I ordered a month ago finally came!

Preview 487d058f fa30 4916 93ba bc271495666d
17 points

Jerk stole my KFC - instant Karma - IT'S A TRAP!


Guess who's gonna have a threesome tonight ?

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5 points

Anyone here who watched this?

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1 points

My parents are at a casino that has a promotion going on where you win a free pasta dinner if you get a 4 of a Kind. This was their free pasta dinner.

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3 points

Ready to travel!

Preview 395db23c 78ca 404f a07b c85d2367f3e3

The bravest man in the airport

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20 points

The importance of choosing FONTS

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11 points

LifePack we need.

Preview ea34c700 d832 4e2b bb99 73677b4f7640
12 points

When something sad happens to you, but you were dead inside for years

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6 points

Internet and 4chan

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Cat Swan Dives Into Wine Bag Is Stupidly Funny

213 points

How long did it take you?

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178 points
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