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Finished my Infinity Gauntlet for my next cosplay

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101 points

One of my friends gave her husband a cake to let him know they're expecting.

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108 points

The Inifinity Chancla

Preview 76a182e0 e6df 4fba a2fe 6b08b123a4fe
102 points

The naked truth about Sleeping Beauty 2018

Preview 91555693 c4d5 4305 98ce 17044beb4002
73 points

Butt made from straws, so you can suck my ass.

Preview 1a3185bb 00cb 4e76 909b bd576fbd27a9
90 points

My coworker's succulent looks like it's about to eat Newman

Preview 3725897b f166 4ecd aea0 01bc09f6cc92
90 points

Someone’s headed to Beverly Hills

Preview 0cbc60ec 563e 4718 8b91 28757d54958c
76 points

Little craphead tearing up her bed while we're at work

Preview 5c772785 8ef1 4258 97e7 7eae299dd6f9

The Humane Society had this McDonalds “Ad” rolling around the city today.

Preview 9c50787d 9626 41a9 baf9 9e6105e8231c
116 points

The resemblance is uncanny.

Preview c1f1fc34 2005 422f ab3c 152341a4be6b
102 points

I guess I'm not getting my arm back

Preview 28d87a32 38fd 484a a75f 53b1a36e4896

Keeping a snowball in my freezer from the recent snow in the UK, was gonna throw it a friend when we get a hot summer, unless you guys have a better idea?

Preview 20e74c4e d24c 4525 ad1c 0dcae67f6e41
89 points

Found bags of hair and weird notes on the streets of Berlin. Help me understand what this is!

Preview b1fd7278 9911 4944 a097 f9fc61686974
112 points

The confused look

Preview 46282000 21a2 4c1b 9ba9 fadebccf1f44
103 points

Check out my new backpack with Mike Wazowski

Preview b535d586 3638 44ca bcd9 6a20132f8d45
73 points

2x4 foot tank, and he poops in his water bowl

Preview c293a227 2227 4c97 a0e2 7bf494addaab

We´re doing ice cream flavours? How about some herring and onions?

Preview 25f88692 1ebd 4882 bc91 d9cd0988cdbf
105 points

Casually parked in the neighborhood.

Preview 5bd78087 a18c 420e 867c da682832111e
83 points

Actually WTF

Preview 9b964bea 488c 4244 9d18 00ec68985744
92 points

Good translation, been meaning to get me one of those.

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