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Just one of the many interesting menu items here at the Calgary Stampede this year. Cricket Grilled Cheese.

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135 points

exotic bread

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110 points


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111 points

Dinner is served

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75 points

I could fill a hot air balloon with Lays air™ smh

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119 points

Inflatable toast

Preview 2a413449 65bc 475b b699 370fc758e135
114 points

Every time I visit r/food

Preview d018aa6d 0f8f 4dd7 b0c2 60a03db57846
114 points

My friends mother thought that the croissants would just roll themselves up while cooking...

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110 points

Bullet found on a hamburger at Rio de Janeiro

Preview bbff254c 787a 4003 8702 e8fdc82f20cd
108 points

Even worse than strawberry pizza...

Preview 4585cd17 709f 4166 a3bf fa644d7a18cd
53 points

That's some expensive Lacoste Bread!

Preview b6493626 71e1 48c9 be4b 4e647f3948db
87 points

a couple of meatloaf babies...

Preview 7e74f437 5b16 4bd9 bc8c fa27a87a5f24
131 points

Don't mess with baguette people

Preview 80bf05e7 0203 46b5 9d3a 04a533bd868e
122 points

Precious though...

Preview 46bd90ed be3c 43a2 9d23 516b8fd6ba4b

Pineapple on pizza, okay, why not (I personally love it), but THIS? This is why aliens won't talk to us

Preview cff253dc 9ecb 45d0 845b 7a11f4f5673d
161 points

While y'all so busy arguing about pineapple on pizza.. the swedes get away with this

Preview 7f13270f ba4d 4b08 bd07 b692e8da30e3
126 points

That's brilliant and disgusting at the same time

Preview 855dfb4d acaa 4f86 9fa1 66687b822d1b
190 points

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