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Made myself a penutbutter yelly sandwitch

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80 points

Dinner is served

Preview 7cd58ad2 ce55 4b7a 8097 f4bae55e8d19
61 points

The Art of Not Giving a F*ck About Others

Preview bb6c258f 1660 4a9c 9f35 f8b71fe4c3d7
60 points

Every time I visit r/food

Preview d018aa6d 0f8f 4dd7 b0c2 60a03db57846
103 points

My friends mother thought that the croissants would just roll themselves up while cooking...

Preview d4758f34 b511 4ca0 9ac6 0a639c28de6e
101 points

This perfect pyramid of pancakes.

Preview 6ecbd7df 6f4a 4501 9e5c 4489466c293d
54 points

When you finnaly save enough money to open your f**king restaurant

Preview 4209fe3f bc0c 4fa0 98af c5e21cda134f
67 points

Bullet found on a hamburger at Rio de Janeiro

Preview bbff254c 787a 4003 8702 e8fdc82f20cd
88 points

a couple of meatloaf babies...

Preview 7e74f437 5b16 4bd9 bc8c fa27a87a5f24
105 points

These are movies I'd actually go see

Preview 5ba6ca1d f9a2 4655 8676 efc5e69411a2
99 points

Who else wants some Pizger

Preview 36afdb0e a85c 4d99 9bef a909ff21e4d6
83 points

Don't mess with baguette people

Preview 80bf05e7 0203 46b5 9d3a 04a533bd868e

To the guy with the medieval book with cat paws on it: Here is a 2000-year-old roman brick

Preview e443e929 e0c2 4417 865e baaa4fa016f0
19 points

Meat is love!

Preview 47f50a4e c053 456c a332 4dcb62795b37
13 points

Is it just me? or what do you see here. traveling through Porto.

Preview afab980f bbc9 469d b9ee 7c620914c54c
16 points

That's brilliant and disgusting at the same time

Preview 855dfb4d acaa 4f86 9fa1 66687b822d1b
177 points

Nope, not eating here

Preview 7f151613 20cd 4d99 82a6 68206b15ff99
138 points

No true Spiderman fans

Preview e80ea747 70fb 41c6 8fc2 6431db3c0af6
107 points

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