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This is infront of the hotel where Arnold was promised to get a room everytime he comes, one day he was refused by the hotel so he did this.

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95 points

Browsing Google Street View today...

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79 points

Do you think somehow I could use this kind of stuff as a Prank?


That I'm not the..

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7 points

Climbing the tallest chimney in Europe


Where is the damn hover board

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21 points

I want this as a tattoo

Preview 4abd7c89 3223 4725 9de3 cedadf345868

Unicycle on giant bridge over Danube


Missile Kick

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Free climber Matt Bush being amazing but crazy all at the same time

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When your catch, catches what you were trying to catch, while being caught.

Preview d26fb140 9b11 49ed 8db7 6acce26857cc
110 points

Illusion 100 nibba

Preview f1efab64 3778 4c62 b7e0 e1ad388fce6a

Extreme Balancing Artist Performs Daring One-Armed Handstand Stunt


Original Ball scroll mouse

Preview 0d0dd524 bc84 47e3 9b67 44abb384f9e1
13 points

First aid at its finest

Preview 8af2a617 edaf 4218 92d9 137e74df9b18
13 points

Look at me, I'm the "art" now.

Preview e675a1ea 4948 48f0 82d8 a79655863fd3
187 points

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Wheel-Leg Robot "Handle" Which Can Do Parkour Better Than You

225 points

She's the next Tony Hachmed

Preview d880116d c400 4d61 8b54 1fa8978588ab
155 points

Teletubbies Land

Preview a5229c36 3d05 4e60 909f be861958b8a5
108 points

Ridiculously photogenic bungee jumper

Preview e482f6c3 9840 43b1 9933 638b00b49193
157 points

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