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Dining area features a natural wood table, custom chandelier and large windows in this home located in Lake Waccabuc, NY.

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Double-height living space features a spiral metal staircase and the original ceiling joists in this loft in Correggio, Northern Italy.

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46 points

Rows of pivoting glass doors opened to allow air to flow through the dining space that open onto a courtyard and lush garden at a house in Semarang, Java, Indonesia

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16 points

Greenacres House / Austin Maynard Architects, Australia, 2018

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64 points

R+E House / DP+HS Architects, Indonesia, 2016

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49 points

Beylerbey Palace Main Stairway Beylerbey Palace, one of the most magnificent Ottomi Palacean coastal palaces, is located on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus Strait [1253 x 836

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43 points

Pre-civil war home Charleston SC

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41 points

Converted Cement Factory, Barcelona

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80 points

A House in Japan

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51 points

Steel frame dining area extension bringing in natural light to the renovated house, Bangkok, Thailand

Preview 22fa9a81 3fe5 4ab1 8e86 135db2b370c9
50 points

Rockwood House, Portland, OR, USA

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34 points

This Loft Though...

Preview 903af9e2 a393 43c5 a43a b80581c05de4
74 points

Apparently I'm late for an important meeting with my cat

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67 points

Open concept main house with panoramic mountain views. New York.

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58 points

Entrance way displays the original trusses and joists in the roofline while blending tile and brick on the walls in this former Victorian Hat Factory in London.

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91 points

Living area which features a central wrap-around staircase in this home located in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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44 points

BW Architects re-design an 1840′s Greenwich village townhouse in NYC

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48 points

Dining room of a Manhattan penthouse

Preview dd9c23ba 658d 41a4 b40e 74997a4c03c8
21 points

Very spacious living room, located in Nova Lima, Brazil

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45 points

Kitchen and dining area in a restored 18th century barn in Kent, England.

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