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Astronauts describing their Experiences in Space

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What Sorcery Keeps This Giant Ball Floating On A Tiny Stream Of Water?

225 points

Charlie Day has joined the NBA.

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A picture of my cousin right at the point he hyperextended his knee

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And so it begins... What do you think?

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David Luiz

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267 points

She didn't stick the landing

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WOW! Disney Experiment Lets You Catch Real Objects In Virtual Reality

181 points

F**k it, I'm out!

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155 points

Caption this

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Not hard to guess I guess

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95 points

There, I fixed it.

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81 points

Never judge a book by it's cover

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234 points

Thirty is the new speed!

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Watch Emma Watson Sings "Belle" In This Brand-New "Beauty And The Beast" Teaser

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New England's Patriot newest receiver. #51 The Ground.

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Australian christmas tree decorations

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