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The shoe kills me every time I see this

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Slam dunk!

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“Just do it”

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ITAP at my university's baseball game

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Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

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young football player

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Home-made hot air balloon catches fire just after going airborne.

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This dude going down the sidewalk working out

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56 points

So this happened in Shepherdsville, Kentucky today

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72 points

Mixed message

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51 points

Big shadow

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A more accurate recreation of the PAC-MAN meme.

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98 points

Solar system

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81 points

Over 400' for Sprint this past summer.

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this can’t end well

Preview 14a9520f c2dd 4fef a5ff 45910e527c91

"That's gotta be at least 12"

Preview d80084a4 f524 49b4 b1a2 874db5b73f53
104 points

Healthy budgie vs budgie with feather duster syndrome

Preview 77997e97 b9dc 4377 8444 da9cd2ae809c
92 points

Bryce Harper Cupping

Preview fb7be74f 1c77 4903 b831 673ab0654244
90 points

Funny Soccer Kick

Preview 01f0c62c 0d36 4ea5 adc1 985b602b43f4
90 points

Waiting for one dark comment. GO!

Preview 592c23a2 be57 45a4 a008 271cc15ca60a
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