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24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

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7 points

Churches vs Highways in Romania.

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4 points

Planning a summer vacation in Europe be like

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Swedish Empire 1700s vs 2017

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The one true guardian of this planet...

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So, how many of you know this map?

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2 points

If you 'grew up in the streets'

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Space view of Argentina (Uruguay and Chile too)

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How do flat earthers explain that ?

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193 points

Mr. Worldwide

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2 points

I've seen it with my own eyey

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101 points

From Kissing to Wedding in only 9 hours. Just German things.

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133 points

Make FRANCE great again they said

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147 points

Haters will say its photoshop

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245 points

How Trump see the world

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91 points

Bitter Truth

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88 points

The judges are paid may b

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74 points

What Dutchies think about Europe

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266 points

Nature is truly incredible

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