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The size of hurricane Irma!

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Kill dumb mot*******rs

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My thought for the day

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The other Tropical Storm's will bully him with such a name

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Hurricane Irma if it would have passed over Europe

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17 points

This guy created a self-sustainable plant-in-a-huge-jar project that grew for 40 years inside the jar without opening it.

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19 points

Meanwhile, in a Flat Earther Facebook group...

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Let me see some gif's

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22 points

Plot twist

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In 2015... Brazil had as many homicides as all the blue countries combined...

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No comment

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Monkey Face Eclipse Smith Rock, OR

Preview 8a069516 5312 491d a45e fb9a05bb918e
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Jupiter's south pole

Preview b3cd4b71 dfe8 4804 9365 794b552588dd
10 points

What a surprise!

Preview a507262f 4e93 4ad8 bcf8 5e2fe75ac049
16 points

Flatties untie. I mean unite. Or whatever.

Preview af5722bc 16cb 4676 bf6f a8d0be66f85c
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Jupiter's South Pole. What you see is a bunch of 10,000km wide cyclones.

Preview 9256470d 31aa 4010 ad30 a7aa352584ba
17 points

Truer words were never spoken

Preview f02f239b f43b 4474 8cb2 c813da87db2d
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Picture of Jupiter taken from Juno's 7th flyby

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