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Canberra’s whale hot air ballon, Australia

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89 points

That’s not a scarf or flag... that’s another paraglider! Coming in for a landing...

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I filled my roommates dorm with 200 balloons

14 points

Found this inside a book in the Munich Airport

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115 points

god himself

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94 points

So pissed in the morning, good reaction

15 points

Mixed generic dishwasher detergent with name brand

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97 points

We all bork down here

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53 points

This would scare the shit out of me

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82 points

Had the time of my life checking hot air ballooning off my bucket list this morning!

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58 points

Shot a balloon out of my wife's mouth!!! with NAIL GUN

75 points

Roses are goth, I also congratulate, she was so kind to not stand up straight

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106 points

Flying bee colored penises

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71 points

I dropped so many water balloons on my brother I cant believe it.

11 points

Kid Pranks His Sister By Filling Whole Room With Balloons

21 points

This Little Girl Wanted A Poop-Themed Birthday Party, So Her Parents Threw Her One

Preview 167f0733 dbdf 4f87 8d93 4966b75f3511
250 points

My local air show showcased the actual jet used in the Wonder Woman movie.

Preview 65ef8c44 9b85 49bf afa4 d3e918c8cfb7
18 points

What If The Animals On This Planet Were Round?

289 points

Crushed By A Giant 6 Feet Water Balloon In Slow Motion Gives You The Freshest Splash In Summer!

222 points

Polan will into space

Preview f7ea76e5 aa8b 4d04 bba8 3d5e75b81dde

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