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When 20 yr old accidently in a 10 yr old chat

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89 points

Mailing a hatchet

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49 points

I am uncomfortable

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22 points

Thanks dad

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50 points

Sex education is real.

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The US has more than 20 trillion $ of debt

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Now he can see

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24 points


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My uncle's a firefighter. One of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note...

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47 points

Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it's some serious shit!

Preview 9d37b01e d7c4 4f20 906b bb3c2edfb61b
23 points

How nice of them.

Preview 6bdd3eed 0e54 47b2 b823 48035ac970e1

That's just nasty

Preview 6878c060 392b 4258 9b99 3e16364c525e
19 points

Not mine, still hillarious tho

Preview 1065bfe1 4cc8 4236 a6c5 7cd10ef090f1
44 points

This seller on Amazon..

Preview 76cb0c1e f93e 4af3 b17a 7e0f44c62683
13 points

Next time you pick up the phone

Preview e6e348c6 6a5e 4a97 a4f9 923f01841bc8
17 points

Sapns pues

Preview 46f2e258 8943 4fc5 8568 57d96e9db96a
20 points

Paul turning it back around

Preview 47538a29 98b8 4918 acef 10c801552f10

You look like...

Preview 879c08ef b11a 4108 9081 8bdc7277e01d

Well I Was Being Honest

Preview 1f8103ef fd71 4b6b a47d f8650c520130
21 points

A mistake was made here today

Preview ce805f90 cfe8 4e1b acb0 2fa569a31f2b
110 points

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