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Going through my dads stuff and I found one of the most dad things I’ve ever seen.....

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79 points

Y'all gonna make me post a graph

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98 points

This eight-year-old is going places

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88 points

Quality Comparasion

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53 points

Why I like France

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57 points

Dude faked cancer revenge is needed

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71 points

Just met the happiest little fish!

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20 points

The dangers of marijuana

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73 points

Our local Chick-fil-A and Moe’s BBQ had a little argument through their signs

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56 points

Saw this in a cafe in Budapest.

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50 points

So apparently someone has done this before...

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88 points

Pick your fighter

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84 points

Isn’t this how Hitler started?

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113 points

Advertising in a nutshell...

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93 points

The Icelandic Penis Museum

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88 points

Why I suck at texting

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81 points

The perfect book doesnt exis-

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88 points

THE. BIGELOW GIGOLO: The women at the office thought the new temp was a player, since he kept his condoms on his workstation desk. 😎

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121 points

Someone at Google has a sense of humour.

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96 points

Magneto's purpose...

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